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    BakedPotatoes saved my life now help me save my dps please :D

    Hey ladies and gents,

    Been lurking for a long time but not posted at all really. So I have started getting into my hunter again and got raiding and were making slow and steady progression with a new team.

    so heres my gear : eu dot battle dot net/wow/en/character/terenas/Bakedpotatoe/simple

    So i have heard alot of things about a haste spec and was wondering will this make my dps increase or am i even ready for it. Also does any1 have any tips or tricks they can teach me as i can put out a steady 1.3 k ish dps but i need to know if i can do more, i am willing to play Surv or Bm .

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    any1 please?

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    Here's the link http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...tatoe/advanced

    From the time of me posting this, you logged out without your gloves on.

    You say you put out 1.3k dps, i get this is a typo, so maybe double check your post before posting.

    Do you have any logs you can post, they are the main way anyone can help with your dps.

    As for haste build, i can't see what gloves your using so i can't tell if you have 2pc bonus, but even if you did i would still doubt it, as currently you only have Renataki's for rppm.

    For tips i would get rid of mining and change for engineering to get synapse springs and frag belt, i don't even know what herbalism gives as I've never bother picking it up, but there's not much else without logs on seeing how you play.

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    Thanks, It should be updated by now and yes i do have the two set bonus, sadly the guild i have been running with dont use Logs that much (maybe i should start using them).

    I have found this as i recently changed my chr to horde. One fight for jin. Sorry i cant provide more
    worldwidewebdot worldoflogs dot com/reports/rt-bf7st7vhrlj7cdin/details/45/

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    you should post in the fix my dps thread, also you can enable logs and upload your own logs for your runs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    Thanks, I was looking through the link he posted and couldn't find anything.

    (I'm just going to say stuff as I find stuff, so it may not be organized)

    You have herbalism, but it doesn't even look like you use the haste bonus.

    Your pet is autocasting dash which costs focus. Disable it. It's a dps loss unless if your pet needs to use it to get to somewhere fast.

    You aren't casting kill command nearly as much as you can.

    Your pet's damage seems really low, what is your level 75 talent in this log?

    At the start you used your bestial wrath and readiness. You clipped your first bestial wrath by about 6 seconds. if this is a problem in all of your logs, you need to fix it.

    That's all I could find at the moment.

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    Hey guys and girls.

    Thanks for all the great feedback. Yeah in future i will post in fix my dps logs by running them myself.

    Tehstool in response to your comments i'll work through ni the same way

    Yeah for a long time it wasnt actually on my bars i'm ashamed to say
    Yeah mistake as recently tamed the pet but i should know better.
    Hmmm . Not sure why i'm hitting it as much as i see it, maybe its down to just me missing the CD i will have to solve this with some larger tell me
    when buttons so i notice it more.
    My lvl 75 talent is Blinkstrikes. My thought is with havign Dash enabled stupidly is this over writing it and losing the buff??
    Well my opening is normally
    Serp>DB>Glaive>BeastW>Rabid>KillC (put last three in a macro)>BloodF>RF>Stampede>Readiness>DB>GlaiveBeast>Rabid>Killc
    This was soemthing i came up with myself and the burst can be very high at times but i'm sure its not optimum and i want to squeeze as much as i can out.

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    On a note its prob over capping my Focus as i have to spam AS to lower it and even then its close :/ but thats why i'm asking for help i guess

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    any more advice please?

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    any 1 teh stool?

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