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    Shadow Priest gem confusion

    Hey guys, im pretty new to shadow priest, and ive been trying to do my research when it comes to gems, but im hearing mixed things regarding them.

    Im NOT at the 8085 haste cap, and my gear is kinda lame atm (484) but i was wondering, pre haste cap, am i sticking 80 int / 160 haste gems in red slots, 320 haste in yellow slots, and spirit / haste in blue slots? If not, what should it be? And what should it be AFTER ive hit the haste cap?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Before, 160 int for red, 80 int/160 haste for yellow, 80 int/160 spi for blue.
    After, 80 int/160 haste for red, 320 haste for yellow, 160 haste/160 spirit for blue.

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    perfect! Thanks very much for your help

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    also, whats the deal with prismatic slots for before the cap and after?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drakthir90 View Post
    also, whats the deal with prismatic slots for before the cap and after?
    Pure int / pure haste.
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    The ONLY thing that changes your gemming scheme is hitting ~505 ilvl and the amount of base Intellect that comes along with it:

    Below ~505 ilvl:

    Red and Prismatic Sockets:
    Brilliant Primordial Ruby

    Blue Sockets:
    Purified Imperial Amethyst

    Yellow Sockets:
    Reckless Vermilion Onyx

    Above ~505 ilvl:

    Red Sockets:
    Reckless Vermilion Onyx

    Blue Sockets:
    Energized Wild Jade

    Yellow and Prismatic Sockets:
    Quick Sun's Radiance

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