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    An MMO-C poster posted a video walkthrough of this whole area yesterday. Look it up.

    I noticed Garrosh's new banners have ram skulls on them. What's the significance there? Ram skulls have been seen used by the Lich King and Sargeras.
    "Cataclysm introduced a new item, the [Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron], which whispers to the player on each attempt to open it. While most of these (extremely vague and cryptic) whispers are thought to describe N'Zoth, one describes a "black goat with seven eyes" which may refer to Y'Shaarj due to the similar theme of seven eyes/heads."'Shaarj

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    Garrosh sure has a Chair
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    Do you have other pictures ?

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    This makes me wonder..

    What if when we invade Orgrimmar, we go into Grommash Hold to fin Garrosh, a cutscenes unfolds and a trap springs?
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    how did he do this without anyone noticing?!
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    So, it looks like Garrosh has had the heart transported to his hidden throne room and hanging from the ceiling.

    Am I the only one who just laughs at the idea of this. Its like, as warchief, he pretended to be this leader of the horde, but in truth, he was building a secret underground layer nobody knew about, and even contructs a throne room larger then the one in valley of strength.

    Really, the throne room in valley of strength is just a decoy, the real throne is underground.
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    how did he do this without anyone noticing?!
    Being vewy vewy quiet

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    Being vewy vewy quiet
    Yes and he was wunting virmen!

    Well anyway where is this place located in general?
    Like we go into the Ragefire Chasm to fight a few new bosses and then go into more underground where Garrosh is hiding, and then it like a whole new area to?
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