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    Mana Tea for "Tell me When"

    Hello gents!

    Abit new to the tell me when addon and i cant figureout how to let it show me how many stacks of mana tea ive got saved up..
    Ive managed to figure out all my other usefull spells to track but not this one..

    My latest try is to make it -

    Mana Tea [the purple leaf icon), player

    [X] Buff

    [X] Only check mine

    - Conditions
    Buff/Debuffs - Buffs, Stacks.

    Its probobly something easy ive missed but i cant figure it out.


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    Never mind! i salved it meanwhile i waited

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    What you want to do is check the "Show variable text" option (right next to "Only check mine"
    This will turn on stacks display (it is also often used for amount of absorption left on shield).
    when you select it, this line will appear on the bottom right under the header "Text Displays"
    This means that it will show the number of stacks unless there are no stacks.

    So what you will get is:
    Mana Tea [the purple leaf icon), player

    [X] Buff

    [X] Only check mine [X] Show variable text

    you can leave the condition out, this is only ment for when you want the icon to appear when you have
    - less than a certain amount of stacks
    - More than a certain amount of stacks
    - an exact amount of stacks
    (This is displayed as == for equal to, -= for not equal to, < for less than, <= for less than or equal to, > for more than, >= for more than or equal to. After wich you can then set an amount of stacks.)

    I know you have solved it in the mean time, but others might find this post with a similar question.

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