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    EXP 5 Release Night - How will you prepare?

    So it's the spring of 2014, and 9pm.

    The Blizzard live-event stream is up, and you have three hours to go before World of Warcraft: **** ** *** ***** is released and the servers open up.

    How have you prepared for this glorious night? Stocked up on a certain drink or food? Gathered something for your characters in-game? Took a week off work?

    Personally, I'll make sure I have 2 days free for the initial rush, a bunch of Starbucks Espresso shots cans, and lots of Pringles and frozen pizza!
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    Expansion night might be the worst thing in this game ever. I'll be starting the leveling process about a week late.
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    Probably the same thing I've done since Cata. Download it, then not play for a week to let the servers stabilize, then play like normal.

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    Servers usually aren't too bad the next morning (especially if school is in session!). I log on the first night and just try to learn new profession stuff OR if dungeons aren't bugged out, I just chain run them with friends until the next morning so I'm not wasting time getting XP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightwysh View Post
    Probably the same thing I've done since Cata. Download it, then not play for a week to let the servers stabilize, then play like normal.
    I don't wait a whole week but I do wait a couple of days for the same reason. Patience is a virtue.
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    I'm not getting burned like I did with this last expansion, waiting for reviews and gameplay videos before I play it.

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    cba to watch the live stream or hit the servers the instant they are live. Did it in cata and swore never to do it again.

    For mop launch night i slept until about 10am the next day (had the day off work anyway due to a holiday) and just got on that afternoon.

    Will probably do the same for the next expansion that comes out.
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    Hah I am different from the first 2 people as I really enjoy the busy-ness (I don't know how to spell that, kept spelling business) of the servers that night. Everyone is active and talkative due to excitement. If servers are really unstable (which keeps improving every year), I am usually on vent with a few of my friends leveling up. For preparation, I don't do much as I'll only dip my toes in the water. Work is extremely flexible so if it turns out to be really exciting, I'll call in then or go in for a few hours to get that 3-6pm rush.

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    But we are not sure of what it was.

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    Sleep the day before, wake up at 10 pm all hyped up then play. I'll take a week off, stack on water and fruit, I never eat heavy food when new expansion or game comes out. Then the guildies gather and we start doing dungeons till we hit 95.

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    I'll wait about 3 weeks to 1 month as I did with Cata and MoP. Since I cannot play more than 1:30/2 hours a day, it'll take about a week or so to level up and thus the AH prices will have settled down and almost everything will run much smoother.
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    Probably not buy the expansion for a while, and then buy it a week later, and then play it normally.

    I'm not to judge, but I have never understood people who stack up on crap food and energy drinks.

    Especially not energy drinks, since they will just make you more tired than they help to keep you awake.

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    Anyone who hasnt rushed to max level on launch day on a wow expansion, is missing out. The buzz and excitement of your friends and guildies, your guilds rivals on the server, the race to max level for realm firsts! The rush to make gold, to gear up, to find out the tricks and exploits (Read: Clever use of game mechanics) as fast as possible.
    Its really the most exciting time of any wow expansion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Endre View Post
    Then the guildies gather and we start doing dungeons till we hit 95.
    Sounds like a good way to not have any clue about lore

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    By going to bed early, getting up early to leave for work and then playing on stable servers once I get home. Not everyone has the luxury to take a day off work when he wants to, and even if I could I certainly would not do it for a game, no matter how much I enjoy playing WoW.

    Launch days aren't that glorious on my server, with far too many people competing for far too little. I remember spending over 2 hours at the camp in Jade Forest where Horde players have to shoot down Alliance gyrocopters. There just weren't any guns/gyrocopters up. You could skip that and play in a higher zone, but why would I want to miss out on the development of the storyline the first time I play it?
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    Ill probably do something similar to what I've done for Cata and Mists, get the main up to max level within 48 hours of the expansion hitting.

    As far as opening night goes, Mists was absolutely flawless when the clock struck midnight. You did not even need to wait for a server reset, the opening quest to start working in Pandaria was automatically added a few minutes prior to midnight. Went and paid a visit to my profession trainers, got to Pandaria, fought the usual crowd in the initial quest area, and then just took off from there(to be fair I'm not on Illidan or any other Uberserver, so my opinion on the matter is a tad biased).

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    If on a high population server, wait a few days. If on a low pop server... play a little?
    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    Sounds like a good way to not have any clue about lore
    Thing is, I love the lore, I also read all the quests so would be kind of annoying doing quests when I want to hit the level cap and gear up as soon as possible. So I level up, gear up and then do all the quests slowly.

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    I will simply treat it like a normal day. Worked fine for me so far.

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