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    - Few days off
    - Sleep in advance
    - Enough food
    - Enough energy drinks
    - Practice from the beta
    - In-game items that speed the leveling up

    This is all assuming that I have the chance to skip on my work and studies at the time. I'll try to be more efficient than I was with MoP. I lost a lot of time in the beginning because I was not aware of the elemental trick in the Temple, and because I skipped ahead too fast in some of the zones. I'll still be passing on the raid bottle, though.

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    The Plan

    - Obviously order the digital collectors/deluxe edition in advance.
    - Make sure everything is fully downloaded and patched.
    - Head out with friends during the day n' stuff.
    - Grab foodage and drinkage while out with them, bring it back and store correctly.
    - Pop on my epic headphones.
    - Login and wait for the content to go live.
    - Level my main, clearing each zone one by one and doing all the quests/lore involved.
    - Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the most active night in an expansions life cycle.
    - Accidentally get disconnected somehow and be trapped in a couple thousand people long queue.
    - Facepalm, go to bed, and try again the next day.

    More or less.

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    expansion night is crap. I remember flying around in a chopper for 2 hours trying to sink a ship that hundreds of other people tried to sink to so I guess preparing for expansion night would be.
    Find a good book or television show for the whole expansion week and log in when the servers are stabilised, moronic starting quests aren't overfarmed anymore and hope that there aren't any bottlenecks.

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    I am on full population server that has 200-400 person queue even today.
    I remember how Mists of Pandaria release night was.

    Screw it, going to just wait out initial hype and level in relative peace couple days later.
    The game is anything but fun during that time, there is plethora of bugs, constant server issues and crowded questing areas everywhere.

    I did MOP leveling (85-90) both on expansion release, then 3 months after and it was like playing totally different game. I actually enjoyed MOP leveling the second time, even though many people despise it as long and grindysome.

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    Uhm. In Wrath I was on to watch the servers die.
    In Cata I got to Hyjal while the no-exp-from-anything bug that still active. So I went to bed.
    For MoP I had stopped playing my main, so I went to my lv81 Druid and kept leveling him up. When I got bored I went and poke-hunted.

    So basically.
    I'll have it downloaded and digital bought.
    Probably watch the servers lag, get the new flying/teleportation or whatever is implemented.
    Then go do one of the new features that isn't leveling.
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    Well, I used to be one of the first ones to hit the game (the instant it was live, I was in the rush),but since the fiasco of the 2 hours to do the intro on rails quest of MoP, I am just going to work on making sure I have all the new crafting levels learned on each toon. Then, I will either try out the new race or class (because most will be focused on leveling mains) or if there is none (or no new character slot) then I will probably focus on leveling any toons that are not at 90 right now (which will probably only be my druid bank alt by that time, a class I am not really looking forward to playing) for at least the first day or so. Then I will level the main by questing (I prefer not to do dungeons until max level, except for once each to get quests done at appropriate levels) and get him raid ready (while bitching about how they screwed over mages again... at this point, its just tradition).

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    Jumping the gun here a bit aren't we? IF they do the right thing they did with this expansion and keep the raids off for a week.

    I'm going to cruise through the content and drink in everything. It did wonders for me this go around. It was like a breath of fresh air.

    Cataclysm I practically MARATHON-ED. I was in Twilight Highlands by 9am the next morning. It was unpleasant, and I hated it.

    Pandaria the lack of a raid baring down on me, the Pandaren folk constantly saying 'slow down', and no flying made me really take in the majesty of the environment. And I now really appreciate it. Every single part of this land was made with care and going back to the Cataclysm zones makes me sad, because I never took any of that in. I never saw how much work was put in. I just saw a goal.

    Also the one benefit of being on a Alliance top heavy realm is... the Horde quests are waaaay easy to complete.
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    Gotta keep up my chain of atleast 1 realm first per expansion. So just spent the day normal, and then game non stop till I got one. Last time I went for skinning, which took me about 2 hours to do. Next up is most likely mining or keeping my skinning honor up! Not going to bother with realm first lvl 95, not after I lost realm first 85 by 2 minutes to someone of the same class... Second person to hit 85 no achie. Most painfull expansion arround :P

    But yeah, farming like crazy for a couple of hours and then go to bed, so just getting some water bottles.

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    If it's 9pm in the Spring of 2014, wouldn't one be best adviced to get to bed early, go to work refreshed the next day, and hope they get a beta invite?

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    I love the release day and all the excitement, would definitely not miss it. However, I will still read the quests and not rush to max level like a madman.

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    This thread is a bit early. There might not even be a 5th expansion.
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    What kind of fruit? I usually have a sandwich or something similar several times, but why do you go specifically with fruit? Notice anything really beneficial you don't get anywhere else?

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    Same thing I always do. Enjoy a night's sleep and log in when I can.

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    So before Rise of the ??? is out? Yes, I tried to decode the name.

    Anyway, I think im going to sleep and play it later in the day when servers are stable and zones are not overcrowded.

    Unless it adds a melee/ranged DH, i wont reroll.
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    I think I'll join the party couple of days late this time. No special preparation or anything, I'll just install it and play like I would MoP right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrispotter View Post
    Anyone who hasnt rushed to max level on launch day on a wow expansion, is missing out. The buzz and excitement of your friends and guildies, your guilds rivals on the server, the race to max level for realm firsts! The rush to make gold, to gear up, to find out the tricks and exploits (Read: Clever use of game mechanics) as fast as possible.
    Its really the most exciting time of any wow expansion.
    I agree so much, i never really get close to a guild first, let alone a server first, but i damn sure do love being on in the first 48 hours of new expansions just for the excitement. I normally end up farming ore or herbs like a tard. selling a stack of ghost iron ore for 1000g one day and seeing it at 500g the next. the economy is crazy the first few days too.

    I think you have to be there at least once.

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    It'll be another night and day of non-stop playing, like for Cata and MOP

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    If they give us 1 week before raids open like they did now with MoP I wont bother start playing midnight I don't need to level up 3 alts before I can start raiding so it takes around 1 day to level 1 or 2 to gear up and then I will just sit and wait for raids to open. No need to do the leveling part faster

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    I will do what I have done since they allowed you to predownload the game (Cataclysm). I will have the game ready to go and once the servers are live I jump online and begin my leveling process. It's as simple as that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Valen~ View Post
    I'll wait about 3 weeks to 1 month as I did with Cata and MoP. Since I cannot play more than 1:30/2 hours a day, it'll take about a week or so to level up and thus the AH prices will have settled down and almost everything will run much smoother.
    Do you play on a stupidly high pop realm? Curios as I've seen a lot of people say things that, about things running smoother, but on my realm, which has a very good population, nothing about it wasn't smooth, brilliant mob respawn rate etc^^ No lag or anything like that, just the same as when MoP first released as it is for the toon I'm levelling now

    OT: I'll probably prepare by buying the expac lol, clear out my bank alt and my bags, DE my other 3sets of gear so i only have my levelling spec geared and off i go^^

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