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    I usually end up on vacation work at the time the release expansions. So I go to work, do my job, get paid and come home and log for an hour or so then go to sleep. Rinse repeat.

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    Been though each Xpac launch.

    For MoP launch I remember it going very well. Helps to have a good comp was not a problem with 1000 people around the place and SSD helping load times. I was ahead of the storm of people on our server so kept a good pace so had no problems. The first quest with the gyrocopters from what my guildies said was horrible to do with so many people.

    Don't think I could do another xpac though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaturtle View Post
    Been though each Xpac launch.

    For MoP launch I remember it going very well. Helps to have a good comp was not a problem with 1000 people around the place and SSD helping load times. I was ahead of the storm of people on our server so kept a good pace so had no problems. The first quest with the gyrocopters from what my guildies said was horrible to do with so many people.

    Don't think I could do another xpac though.
    Yeah I haven't seen patch day lag since TBC. The last few expansions have been nearly flawless. The only thing that sucks sometimes is the lack of mobs for quests but the dynamic respawn tech for higher density areas helps.

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    I remember waiting in the snow to pick up my TBC on launch night at midnight. We got home and ran a quick Hellfire Ramparts before heading off to bed. Unfortunately I was in college and didn't have the flexibility with my schedule enough to just play. I still managed to hit 70 within about 10 days. When Wrath came out, I picked up the midnight release, then took 3 days off work, plus the weekend, which gave me enough time to get my DK to 80 at an agonizing 10 minutes after realm first. I mostly just drank water and ate real food, kept me going when my red bull and chips compatriots nodded off. I didn't go to bed for about 40 hours, and when I did I set an alarm to get me up in 4 hours so I could keep at it.

    Unsurprisingly, I picked up Cata after work on launch day, spent the evening installing, and I think I managed to get in a Blackrock Caverns run on LFD before going to bed. MoP I picked up about a week late (I had been out of the country on launch day), plugged away an hour a night or so, and got to 90 a comfortable 2-3 weeks after launch. I'll have to say that my MoP experience was by far the most enjoyable, and I don't think I'll be doing any more launch nights or even launch weeks. Less traffic, less stress, less bugs, more hotfixes, my addons all work, there're comments on wowhead when a quest is confusing...

    TL;DR: Got old, not doing launch nights anymore.

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    As I have not played any expansion on release night, but have played D3 on release night:

    If D3 is anything to go by, I will be leaving it for a few days.
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    Yeah, people skipping out on launch night are really missing something, imo. It's just a wonderful feeling being all excited about that big journey into the unknown, with other players around the world. Everything you do that night feels relevant, interesting, and super awesome.

    It'd be like postponing opening your christmas presents and eating your christmas dinner, which sounds very sad!

    Later on, I easily slip into the 'WoW is a waste of my time'-blues, which takes the edge of the expansion. :/
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    First hours after launch of MoP = sitting on a gyrocopter being unable to do anything since there were a hundred people occupying the same spot lagging the hell out of that quest. After that lag/server wise it was totally fine. Hardest part of trying to level in the first 24 hours is competing with everyone else on your server trying to get the same items especially on the lower drop collection quests where everyone is farming the same stuff and camping spawn points.

    Unless you're trying for server firsts it's really not worth the headache although I will say that if you do push past the initial pack at the start of the new zone you're golden. Most people are logging on just to see whats up and see the new content and do a few quests before calling it a night so they just clutter up that first zone so badly but by the time you get to the second zone the player base has spread out enough that it's fine. I remember leveling in TBC where up til 66 I was the highest level toon my server (then I had to go to sleep since I had school/work that day) and most of the time I was completely alone after the first zone and in my last level leveling before I called it I was the only one in that zone (was questing not using some gimmick farm/guild helping thing that people do now).

    Also even if you are awesome and hit lv95 first what happens next? Can start running heroics yay? Unless you're in a super hardcore raiding guild raiding won't happen for a couple weeks usually after the expansion hits since so many people (think of the ones in your guild who just log on 1 or 2 nights to raid and you don't see them the rest of the week) take a lot longer to level than others and this is even worse in a 25 man guild than a 10 man.

    It's probably just best to have a good night sleep and wake up fresh in the AM and start playing and skip the initial launch when everyone is trying to get in. No real benefits, you'll still be competitive and hit that max level quickly and you'll skip the initial lagfest.

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    I'll prepare my body for, hopefully, my second Realm First in a row. Probably Monk this time, unless something crazy happens to Rogues.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Get my warpaint on, ignore quests, kill Horde.
    Fallout 4 Hype!

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    Same thing I did with MoP; level and wait for the commotion at level 90-X die down.

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    I'll buy the CE the next day and play after work....

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    I'll be standing by the hub with the biggest number of daily quests waiting to hand them all in.

    Although I'm not sure how that's going to work since they removed the daily cap. Will I be able to hand in 50, 75, 100 daily quests!?!

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    Do what I've done the past two expansions: a pack of cigarettes, Doritos Jacked, probably some Monster Rojo and a few days off work. That's how the last two went anyway.

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    This is a secret :o
    Isn't it a bit too soon for this kind of threads?
    OT: I will just sleep, not sure if I will get next expansion, depends on if friends keep playing or not and if I can cope with uni + wow + social life. Guess which one is left out if I can't cope up with all 3 :P

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    After attempting to play upon release for every expansion so far...i'm just going to sleep in-stead, beats lagging out and DC'ing every 5 minutes.

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    Playing on Twisting Nether-EU, I would imagine the same thing as I did for MoP, by having loads of refreshments and taking 2 days off Uni (depends on the release of course) be mad for not being able to progress further than the initial 3 quests for around 4 hours because of how many plays on the realm which results in constant DC's. This time around I have a better computer, so that might ease the pain a bit, still looking forward to it!

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    over the last 4 expansions i've learnt launch night is absolutely nothing to get excited about. It is the expansion at its buggiest, everyone is competing for nodes and rushing through it towards the next level cap just means more time grinding current content till the first patch or raid opening.

    So older and wiser i'm going to do nothing at all, because there is no point in the long run other than making you tier of the content faster.

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    I don't even know if I will bother to play the next expansion, I'll have to see what happens in RL and what they have been cooking so far before I deciede if or how I will play it.

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    Load up on protein shakes. No more red vines and coffee like I used to do.

    I'll probably roll an alt. Whatever the new race and/or class is, and just play at a relaxed pace. Go back to my main a few days later when all the initial rush has calmed down a bit.
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    I think I'll try something new next time. Like, taking a few days off work and just let the expansion hit me with full force instead of walking around work in a comatose state thinking of levelling this or that character.

    So I guess it'll be something like stacking up on pringles, cola, popcorn and just play until I, or I should say we (gf plays too), fall asleep.

    Not going for realm firsts or anything, but just playing, having fun, seeing new instances and such.

    - T

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