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    Quote Originally Posted by NSrm View Post
    you kidding? release nights are THE BOMB. Its amazing how good they are. Sure sure, if you play on a crowded server with 100h queue then it sucks but you have yourself to blame then.
    Exactly! Thank you.

    I can't wait. I might go Collector's Ed this time around if it's Burning Legion or South Seas. Mmm... Collector's...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pejo View Post
    Hah I am different from the first 2 people as I really enjoy the busy-ness (I don't know how to spell that, kept spelling business) of the servers that night. Everyone is active and talkative due to excitement. If servers are really unstable (which keeps improving every year), I am usually on vent with a few of my friends leveling up. For preparation, I don't do much as I'll only dip my toes in the water. Work is extremely flexible so if it turns out to be really exciting, I'll call in then or go in for a few hours to get that 3-6pm rush.
    Pretty much this for me.

    I like my server being busy, because since MoP launched it's been dead. Like from Medium-High/Full to Low-barely Medium. =/

    Still hoping for a new neutral race and class!

    Come on something cool race-wise and Demon Hunters! <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo Risin View Post

    Personally, I'll make sure I have 2 days free for the initial rush, a bunch of Starbucks Espresso shots cans, and lots of Pringles and frozen pizza!
    Why would you eat frozen pizza, disgusting.

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    Never played at mid-night release and i still wont. i don't go out and stock up on food and drinks to sit down to play endless wow......

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    I take a week of school because YOLO
    and level solo or with friends depending on how fast they want to level, the only thing that sucks is that i normally go to the events Blizzard has at Irvine so i can't touch the game til around 2 A.M

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    As always, Take 2-3 days off, stock up on food and drinks and get some good sleep before midnight

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    I've never played on the day of release and I don't know if I eve will. It comes across as the kinda thing that seems great for the first 5 mins as everything's new but would then just turn sour as you realise all of the people are lagging your comp or stealing your quest items etc etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrispotter View Post
    Anyone who hasnt rushed to max level on launch day on a wow expansion, is missing out. The buzz and excitement of your friends and guildies, your guilds rivals on the server, the race to max level for realm firsts! The rush to make gold, to gear up, to find out the tricks and exploits (Read: Clever use of game mechanics) as fast as possible.
    Its really the most exciting time of any wow expansion.
    Lol, the 'race' to realm first... although technically you could call it a race, there's no speed involved, all you get is sluggish starting zones, crowded quest givers etc. Most exciting time of an expansion is mostly just before the release really...
    On a personal note, I may try to login and look around a bit, but I usually actually start leveling two or three days after launch.

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    Take a nap the evening before. Make sure to have everything I can get done that needs to be done in the next week or so done. Wake up about an hour before launch, have some food and then start leveling as fast as I can.

    I love the rush of seeing all the other players crowding into the starting areas and slowly outpacing them. I remember how exciting it was to know that I was one of the first players to see some of the questlines and areas on live. Sure, it can be a pain sometimes, but I think it's totally worth it.
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    Like with every expansion launch, PVP the shit out of everyone now that a great opportunity for world PVP has shown it self. Remembering that cave in Hyjal during cata launch brings a tear to my eye, the frustration that was was created, the atmosphare, the threats, the PvP - best times.

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    I'll login at midnight, try and login for an hour long, see if there's anything new I can play with and then go to bed soon after.
    Next day, I try to login after work and start questing.

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    This is the first xpack i will not be hardcore raiding for. Every other xpack i have powerleveled and not stopped until i was max so we could raid asap. This time around i am going to take my time and enjoy it. Probably will not even play the first day to avoid the packed zones.
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    Same as last time. That was the first time I stayed up until I reached max level and it was a lot of fun. I wasn't even close to realm first in anything, but the excitement, the crowd, the chat (especially when someone did get realm first something), it was great! Last time I leveled my druid farm alt first, hoping to make a lot of gold, but I didn't (because I hate farming, duh), so this time I'll just level my main first.

    I'll take 2-3 days off and stock up on my mom's macaroni sauce (for fast meals), bread/butter/chocolate flakes, kiwis, cashews, bananas, yoghurt, tea, water and Aleve (for the inevitable headache). No fast food or candy bars. That stuff just makes you tired, while eating fruit and nuts regularly replenishes energy.

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    if they treat it like how MoP launched, there is really no hurry to rush to max level.

    you would have a week or 2 to worry about getting into endgame stuff.
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    This is the kind of situation where being on a low pop realm really really helps :P

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    also can i get a news article link?

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    same as I do every release.
    Watch Movies, Play other games, genrally keep myself busy for a couple of days to avoid the usual ass-hattery, lag, and general crap that happens on release night.
    Realm first's dont bother me. Having the experience ruined due to lag and other factors is just not my thing.
    However, Once the inital Zerg is over I will have a load of energy drinks, Plenty of Snacks, Then enjoy the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Expansion night might be the worst thing in this game ever. I'll be starting the leveling process about a week late.
    NOPE, expansion night is THE FUCKING SHIT OH MY GOD, it's SO COOL.
    I just love playing through all the new shit with friends and doing new dungeons and all the pretty new zones and using new spells and shit and it's just SO GOOD. I play on a relatively low pop server so there's quite a lot of people around but not a horrible clusterfuck.

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    prepare for the server first race like the last 2 xpacs? )) realm first 85 warrior and first 90+warrior yo gotta get that 95 FoS to keep up the pace <3

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    log on at launch, create the new race/class just as i've done in cata and mist. Not even to be my main

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    again where is the news article confirming this?

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