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    Im gonna enable my HonorBuddy, get a drink, roll a spliff, enjoy the weather. When i get back, my bot is leveling like a beast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by prwraith View Post
    again where is the news article confirming this?
    Confirming what? Confirming how you will spend the day/night? I think you're the only one who can confirm that. Or maybe your parent/guardian/partner/friend?

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    This guy thinks we are talking about the next exp.

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    will depend how 'enthralled' I am by wow at the time, lately i've been going kinda hot and cold with it, lack of being able to heroic raid is dampening my enjoyment of it all. in the past i've been set to go with a few cans of relentless to get ahead of the pack asap, usually if you can get ideally a whole zone out of the way before the majority start playing you then get to either crack on super fast, or take it at your own pace from then on as you'll not be competing for mobs/spawns etc.

    depends entirely when it is released, if I have any holiday time spare to take the day after off work etc. Next time I might just take it at my own pace, enjoy the story, take in the views etc...

    If I want to go all out, I'll have a load of energy drinks, and a mixture of food stuffs ranging from sandwiches, pasta to finger nibbles etc and crack on from there. in that case I will get home from work, sleep through until 11 and log on then ready for the switch flipping at 12.

    If I'm going to take it at my own pace I'll wait until the CE box turns up, install that, and just play an hour or two each night after work or something.

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    I actually haven't had a chance to experience this on past 3 expansions for different reasons. BUT i definitely would love to finally get in to it at next expansion launch.

    Tho what i will do exactly will depend on how BETA (if i get in it) turn out for me. But in general - i would prepare for some nonstop grind for 24H+ marathon ) (haven't had those since my teen years :>).

    p.s. Also will use 2-3 days of my yearly vacation time for this ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo Risin View Post
    So it's the spring of 2014, and 9pm.

    The Blizzard live-event stream is up, and you have three hours to go before World of Warcraft: **** ** *** ***** is released and the servers open up.

    How have you prepared for this glorious night? Stocked up on a certain drink or food? Gathered something for your characters in-game? Took a week off work?

    Personally, I'll make sure I have 2 days free for the initial rush, a bunch of Starbucks Espresso shots cans, and lots of Pringles and frozen pizza!
    -Get Ready at 10
    -Have Coffee (Iced Coffee is the best coffee) and Soda Stocked in the Fridge
    -Order a Pizza
    -Have Chips etc. as snacks.
    -Do Dungeons
    -Order Chinese later in the day for more "real" food.
    -Once ahead of the crowd and the guild Dungeon groups have leavers switch back to questing
    ~Gank every now and then if rolling with a group to cause massive frustration from the allies, angry whispers are the best source of entertainment.
    -become borderline insane from lack of sleep (This can be before or after hitting 95/100/whatever)
    -Hit Level cap
    -Do H dungeons until I pass out
    -Pass out
    -Wake up
    -Regret the entire thing.

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    Release nights have been perfect for me since WotLK, no server issues at all and I was on Kazzak for MoP.

    I was working early the next day when TBC hit, so I didn't bother logging on till the next day, but my friends told me they had no issues.

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    By doing nothing, buying it the next time I go to the shops, and generally behaving like a grown up, rather than somebody who believes their life is over if they haven't started raiding in the first week.

    I hope they delay the opening of the first tier like they did with MoP, to discourage the sheer amount of asshole behaviour you traditionally get during that initial week.

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    A week after it's out I'll probably read some review and talk to friends still playing (assuming any of them are) and see if it might actually be worth getting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo Risin View Post
    How have you prepared for this glorious night?
    Quite simple, i refuse to play on launch night there's nothing more horrible then trying to quest with 1k other people or the fact that servers are never stable.
    I've learned my lesson from the past 2 launch nights, STAY AWAY lol.
    I will however take the next day off and wake up early :P

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