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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Cailan Ebonheart View Post
    Mages have never been at the top. They're mid tier at best right now and will probably dogshit unless they nerf elemental which they won't.
    Shatreeplay has been rank 1 capable all expansion except in 5.0 when hunters instantly killed everyone else in the room as soon as the doors opened - you may not have noticed it, but Shatreeplay may contain mage nuts. RMP has been rank 1 viable every season through TBC, WotLK and Cataclysm. Whenever burst gets too high and locks are viable, MLS has also been a frequently recurring rank 1 capable comp as well. Not sure what you mean mages have never been top, mages have never had a bad season. By the end of 5.1 in 3v3, when Shatreeplay was at its height - frost mages were the most populous dps spec above 2200 (above shadow, hunters, and warriors - despite shadowpriests also being in shatreeplay, and many hunters/warriors camping their KFC teams).

    It's a joke that this games pvp has been hijacked by trash hybrid specs. Every class that can heal should be only viable with their healing spec because every pure dps has only one viable pvp spec. It would be much easier to balance that way.
    Most hybrids often only have one viable PvP spec as well. For priests Shadow was the only option until 5.2 brought back Focused Will - in 5.4 Disc will be the only priest option. For Paladins Holy was the only option until 5.2 buffed rets and nerfed holy - now Ret is the only option. For most of Shaman history Resto is the only option.

    I'd hardly say the game is hijacked by hybrids, when you look through the best comps of this expansion:
    KFC - warrior(hybrid) + hunter(pure)
    Shatreeplay - shadow(hybrid) + mage(pure)
    MLD - lock(pure) + mage(pure)
    Thugcleave - rogue(pure) + hunter(pure)
    PHD - feral(hybrid) + hunter(pure)

    As a warrior main, why can't you just be content in being an RBG tank? You're good at that. It's the same complaint you're making about 'all hybrids should be healers': should all warriors be RBG tanks, and arms and fury be non-viable? Should only hunters, rogues, locks and mages be able to DPS? That game sounds terrible.

    Edit: Also I should point out, the whole mindset of 'hybrid' and 'pure' is archaic, dating back to TBC class distinctions and focused support roles that no longer exist.
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    Rets, I just need to level up blacksmithing..., already done engineering.

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