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    Unhappy 5.2/5.3/5.4 Jewelcrafting!

    I see all these professions being able to make these new 476/496/502/522 epics and PvP gear and now in the 5.4 patch notes it says that tailors are going to be able to craft 545 pants and belts as well as 476 PvP gear. So what happened to Jewelcrafters? Why are we not getting the ability to craft 496/522/545 rings or necks or BoP trinkets? Not only are we not able to make anything useful, Blizzard has taken our JC only gems and lowered them down from 3 to 2. When are you guys going to make Jewelcrafting an up to date profession again? I think it's kind of a "screw you" to all us JC's.

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    The same can be said for Staves/Offhands and Inscription. Blacksmiths get crafted weapons and a new metal via the Thunderforge, but scribes don't seem to have gotten anything. More utility for Inscription would definitely be nice.

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    Usually JC scales well with the expansion with little adjustments to the JC-only gems for stats.
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    Enchanting doesn't get anything either. Why doesn't enchanting make wands anymore?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamonkey View Post
    Enchanting doesn't get anything either. Why doesn't enchanting make wands anymore?
    That's a tad unfair--we enchanters only got like 3 very low level wands in vanilla :P
    I think the worst is engineers who get amazing sometimes BiS (even with heroic) helms the first tier of the expansion which get replaced quickly after the first patch. At least for a while they had better droprates on the air elemental crafting good of the expansion (until mop where that didn't exist)

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    Well, for one thing, the JC only gems were reduced from 3 to 2 not as a nerf, but because they actually buffed each gem. Prior to this, if you had, say, 80 points of stats that professions gave, with 3 gems, each would give +27 stats per gem, which actually gave 81 stats, arguably making it better than all other professions. So instead of dividing the total profession stat bonus by 3 and giving you 3 gems to use, they now divide it by 2 (ie, you have JC only gems with 40 extra stat points, but can only use 2 to still get 80 pts).

    Secondly, unlike JC, Tailoring/Leatherworking/Blacksmithing gear that is crafted in Tier 1 of the expansion (in this case, 476 ilvl) is useless during Tier 2 and never crafted again. So they need to keep making upgraded gear to keep the profession going. However, while JC doesn't get upgrade, the usefulness of the profession remains constant throughout the expansion. JC is just as profitable (actually, usually much more so than Tailoring/Blacksmithing/Leatherworking) on day 1 of the expansion as it is the last day of the expansion.

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    Cant really do the boo hoo for jcs as its the most profitable profession imo.

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    My post was not leaning towards the "profit" aspect of a Jewelcrafter. I did not mention anything about making gold or it being a worthless profession to make gold off of. MY argument was that we have not been able to make any epic items since Cata. I would like to be able to make neck pieces or rings that scale with the new 5.4 patch to come. As well as be able to have new JC only trinkets again. I make plenty of gold so that was not what I was getting at. I want to be able to make my own gear like most other crafting professions can.

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    Professions in general seemed to be lackluster this expansion. In Cata those FL weapons BS could make would sell very well (because they werent terribly expensive and didnt take 5-30 days to make 1) all the way to MoP Launch. The SoH addition is part of the issue but they could have worked that in and still not have dropped the ball like they did imo.

    I agree with JC being one of the undertouched professions. Epic gems are clearly coming, but besides that why not allow JCs to make higher ilvl necks/rings with each new patch? More stuff in the economy is always a plus

    Engineers should have guns to make and get update patterns each patch (All professions should get updates each patch) but at least the amount of sellable mounts/pets is increasing (though the mat prices for these are ridiculous).

    Enchanters should make wands to sell (BS makes a lot of weapons but nothing for mage/priest/lock, enchanters should fill this void)

    Inscription should have updated Staves/OH OR updated trinkets more than just the beginning on the expansion. Though I personally lean more to updated staves/OH than trinkets.

    As an off topic addition I think they need to make professions more interesting. What if instead of being able to upgrade your (for example) BS chest piece you bought with valor, you instead had to go to a forge with a BS and the smith would have some sort of minigame feature where he hardens it and thats how you'd get it increased in power. This type of minigame could be applied to Tailors/LW somehow. It would be impossible to ruin/downgrade someones gear, but if there was an 8 ilvl spread depending on how good the BS was at the game, youd go up to the max of 8 ilvl increase (can bring to another BS later if orignal one was incapable of max skill).

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    I hope they do an overhaul of all professions. Sribes are pretty boring now, same with enchanting. I don't make anything with my JC anymore. Gems are so cheap on my AH. Engi is a lot of fun, wouldn't mind more of the fun stuff they have implemented into other profs somehow.

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    I do think it is dumb that JCs can't make the necks/necks/trinkets for the PvP items. I also think it's dumb scribes can't make offhands and staves.
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