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    How do timeless coins work when in a group?

    Mob drops 10 coins.

    You are in a party of 5.

    A. all 5 of you get 10 coins
    B. You get 2 coins each
    C. One person gets 10, and the game alternates either through RNG or round robin or whatever messed up system it had for cloth drops

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    ~2 weeks ago timeless coins could not be looted from mobs while in a raid group. Don't know how it works with a party or if they changed this behaviour recently.
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    Possibly off-topic but how long does it take to farm 2500 coins if that's what you need for the legendary cloak?
    I haven't been on PTR for awhile now and when I was the amount of coins dropping felt very inflated for testing purposes, so I'm curious if there's any timeframe for this now.

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