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    [A] J316 +8GMT lf DPS (US Morning) 1/13H

    John Three Sixteen, an Alliance guild based in Nagrand, are currently looking for a single experienced and reliable DPS raider with a minimum ilvl of 520 to join our 10 man team. We are considering any of the following in order of preference:
    - Rogue
    - Feral
    Other classes will definitely considered so please apply if you're interested.

    We are a small, close-knit guild who have been raiding for the past 4 years. The majority of our members are working adults who all share a passion for progression raiding whilst at the same time maintaining a balanced schedule for real life commitments.

    J316s' key focus in the game is to have fun together as a guild, with our preference being to raid together as a team. While we may not steamroll our way through new raids as quickly as the top guilds, we do enjoy moderate success during progression.

    We're currently 1/13Hprogressed in Throne of Thunder, looking to move further into hard modes as we speak and we reached 14/16 during 5.1
    We've also proudly achieved 6/7HM during Firelands, and 6/8HM in Dragon Soul.

    Our Raiding Schedule:
    J316 raids in the +0800 GMT Singapore/Perth time zone. In order to cater to our members' work and family schedules, we raid slightly later than the rest of our server.

    Our current raid schedule is as follows:
    Wednesday - 9.30pm to 12 midnight
    Thursday - 9.30pm to 12 midnight
    Sunday - 9.30pm to 12 midnight
    (These times are +8GMT)

    U.S. players - Wed, Thrus, Sun 930 am Est - 12 noon Est.

    We welcome everyone who shares our focus and interests, and is able to commit to our raid timings to join our small gaming community.

    For more information, feel free to contact one of our officers: Blitz, Kyuna, Jenaellyn or Deathflap.

    Alternatively, you can visit our website directly and submit an application at: 316.wowstead. com

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    hey...i think one of your members left a mesage on my thread on another site about possibly joining your team.i am an ilvl 522 arms warr that has done 12/12 tot and wishes to pursue heroics.i have been considering replying to you for a while the only reason why i didnt is that i am only available 2 out of the 3 raid nights...cant make wednesdays because of work commitments...however for the month of july i will be available every day.if this sounds in any way suitable for what your guild needs feel free to leave me a message here and i will get back to you asap. thanx...if you want to look up my character-AREYETH on JUBEITHOS

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    I put an application on your website if interested in a Feral still.

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