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    how to counter dominate mind?


    om playing wit a m8 2s as demo lock/rshaman. We do ok and in most fight we manage to get to a point where we could have scored a almost a kill and we failed somehow. But we arent in a desperate spot

    What i have trouble is when we play to disc/dps. When we get under pressure and want to cc the disc he just goes quickly invis, then he pops next to us with fear. after that a dominate mind spam follows. Ok, we can interrupt it, what we also do. But as soon its interrupted he just starts to recast it...Is it even worth to interrupt? I mean once they catch you, what they often do at some point they spam it just until you get immune.

    Meanwhile you have warr, dk or hunter destroying your healer somwehere.

    Thx for advices.

    (Dont say LOL 2s..its stil a part of the game)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PPN View Post
    (Dont say LOL 2s..its stil a part of the game)
    In threes your extra partner would keep the Shadow Priest CCed during the downtime of Psychic Scream.

    Twos isn't balanced, and this is one of the imbalances, I'm afraid.
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    It's what makes Disc the strongest 2s healer. You have to remember that the priest is basically CCing themselves when they use dominate mind so that that into consideration and let that be a mistake. If you're saying that you as the DPS is getting dominated while the other DPS kills your healer... I'm afraid your partner is going to have to do some practise. It shouldn't be easy to score a kill on a healer as a single DPS.

    And if you play GoSac try playing with a pet as it might help for extra interrupts of Dominate Mind.

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    2s really arent balanced, so your at a disadvantage. A few things you can do to help here thou-
    One have your shammy tremor the fears that would be really bad to sit. if the priest is pushing up to try and get a fear, punish him by spamming fears into him. This would put him behind healing, especially if you follow with a hex, and wont make him so aggressive with his fear. The main thing with priest fear is that you can generally avoid it with good position. Keep an eye on him at all times, dont let him edge up to you without you noticing. IF hes getting closer, move away. If hes pushing at you soo much then he has no where to los, and is easily CCed. As far as him stealthing for the fear, keep dots on him so you might break it if possible. But otherwise as soon as he disappears just immediately move away from where he was. Hes most likely running straight at the person he wants to fear , and if you move in the opposite direction he wont be able to get it unless he used a speed boost before. You wont be able to avoid it all the time, but if you do it right you can avoid almost all the fears that arent following another CC, and arent out of stealth, not incuding tremor. The MCs themselves shouldnt be to bad either. If he does it on your healer he can windshear it before its cast, or shear it if its on you. If its on your healer you should right away fear it off, or coil/shadowfury it just so the next one is dr at least( also spell lock it, if you have it). 1v1 your shammy should be able to live np, with peels on their cds. If your the one getting CCed your shammy should be dispelling/tremor/ccing. A ton of good comps are priest /x. dk/feral/hunter especially. The CC with those comps are pretty crazy, and make it hard for any team. is there a specific priest comp your having issues with ?
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    Thx for the nice inputs. Yeah hunter/ disc is pretty sick. Its a little demoralizing when you enter with a plan against them and after you get destroyed you feel like you could have as well just facerolled the keyboard with the same result.
    About your question... There wasnt rly other hard comps. We had a few long fights with disc/warr, but it was mostly cause the warr always used all cc+stuns on me while i tried to finish him of and by this i never managed drop him below like 15%. But he also couldnt kill me. At some unlucky moment when i got feared to the other side of the arena he killed my healer tho.

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    You're playing with resto sham, he should shock a disc when he MCs you, also specing into extra trinket isn't a bad idea against heavy cc setups. You can as well save pet abilities for interrupt. But then again if it's a hunter/disc then you're "outplayed" becouse there's only so much you can do to prevent insane CC chains trying to stay alive meanwhille.

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    If the priests are tending to run up to fear you to end your pressure, that's actually a terrible move on his part. Spectral guise has a 30 second cooldown, so if he fails to keep you controlled he'll be stuck in the open. This is where you can put him into a cc chain and actually keep your pressure running (although your comp does have pretty light cc). To counter the fear, you shouldn't be on top of your shaman if you aren't playing against a hunter. While your shaman can only tremor you both out of every other fear, if you're split up he can always dispel your fear (barring other cc on him at the same time, but if it was available why open with fear?).

    The more advanced tactic here is to just stop the fear outright. Depending on where the priest is, you can actually stop him in his stealth. If he comes from closer to the shaman, your shaman should drop an earthgrab totem and move directly away from the priest's starting point. Your shaman will have to talent that ability for it to be an option. You have the options of using a well-aimed shadowfury or a well-timed carrion swarm (much easier with mannoroth's fury) to halt the ninja fear.

    Dispels and interrupts are pretty crucial to landing kills against a healer. Let me be clear that I don't know much about demo locks right now, but maybe consider the felhound (assuming you're using a felguard like 99% of demo players). I'm sure you'll lose some damage, but the healing you can stop with a single spell lock is certainly a much bigger number. Devour magic is amazing too--though disc is still the king of trash buffs, if you manage to get a pw:s off it makes an enormous difference. Your shaman can kick and purge too, but dispelling will wear his mana out pretty fast so be careful with this if you're playing a team that won't let him drink. Against hunter teams especially, an imp is a very strong pet option too because you can dispel traps from your healer. Again, I'm really not sure how much this can affect your damage but it might be worth trying. It definitely is for the other two specs.

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    Like some have said: Take advantage of the fact that the priest is channeling the spell. If your teammate pops his cooldowns at that point, the priest surely needs to stop casting MC or they will lose.
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    The problem is that you are interrupting it before the MC is cast. Your partner needs to interrupt if its on you that way it counts twards DR. just imo
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    pet silence from lock or just ground totem wind shear hell you have tremor to stop the fear. If he is just keeps casting it im pretty sure there is a pillar for you to hump all day

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    You should be able to Tremor every fear and Ground, Wind Shear, Spell Lock, Stun, Fear, Horror or Silence every Dominate Mind cast between the two of you. If your healer is Dominated, you should interrupt the priest - or your Rsham should have interrupted or grounded the cast himself, or Line of Sight'd it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avada Kedavra View Post
    The problem is that you are interrupting it before the MC is cast. Your partner needs to interrupt if its on you that way it counts twards DR. just imo
    This is also very effective
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    Teams with resto shaman as healer are probably the hardest to cc with priest, you should have more then enough tools to avoid dominate minds. And i second the advice that if the lock have to interrupt the MC do it after the shaman got it so DR will kick in even if the priest can pull off another.

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