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    9/12 runestones on main
    7/12 runestones on alt

    so pretty much gonna finish them both

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    4/12 runestones. im hoping to be done with that and cloak before SoO but who knows. i dont think that the Solo fight will be that hard for me, Green fire had tested my patients and i did it, Wraithon isnt gonna know what hit him

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    I won't be finishing mine. I never got past the first part of the quest line, then I got bored and decided to stop playing until the next expansion.

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    I am, got my cloak and waiting

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    Im only at 6/12 runestones but with 5.4 still a ways away I should still be on pace to finish before 5.4 hits live.

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    Unsubbed before 5.2 and subbed again after 5.3 launched. After two weeks of LFR I have 6/20 secrets. I guess I'll finish at least that part.

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    1/12 rune stones, been on the quest for 8 weeks now. 11 more and i should get it >.>

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    0/12 Runestones on one toon, A Change of Command on the other. God I'm dreading doing those awful PvP quests again. If I was remotely interested in PvP I'm perfectly capable of getting into it myself, I don't need to be dragged kicking and screaming. If I'm lucky I'll complete it on the first toon in time for 5.4, but...that's currently my alt so there's not much point anyway haha.

    Don't switch your mains, kids.

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    Honestly I'm pretty jinxed on legendaries. One binding of the windseeker, 22 fragments of Valanyr, a few hundred souls for Frostmourne, 83 Smouldering Essences and now this. Although this time it's inarguably my fault since I took six months away from the game and am currently mucking about on raid finder rather than organised raiding. Don't switch mains...and don't take time off the game either.

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    7 out of 12 Titan Runestones atm, so at worst another 5 weeks to finish that part. Dunno If I'll finish it, depends how the chain ends If I'm able to. But I am hoping too. Funny thing is I only LFR, and I was way behind most folks in my guild (over 4-6 week behind), but I must have gotten really lucky because i'm now quite ahead of a few of my guilds raiders.

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    7/12 runestones yes I will finish it if it kills me.
    Past 2 weeks with 0 stones.

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    I'm most likely gonna have 5 toons minimum done with the Legendary Quest line.

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    I have the cloak, so I'm all set! \o/

    That said, I really hope they don't do a repeat of the Titan Runestones for the final part.

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    I made it past the moronic PVP requirements of 5.1 and while my drops have sucked(heck, I have two alts almost caught up with my main, my drops have been so bad), I am almost done with the Secrets of the Empire (I LOATHE PVP... even more than I hate Chris Metzen and Orc Jesus) so I am in it till the end at this point.

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    They will very likely buff the drop rates for both Secrets and Runestones next patch like they did with the Sigils.

    My alt got all 20 Sigils in 2 weeks. So I'd say most people will complete it, just later rather than sooner.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eviscero View Post
    I am definitely going to finish it. It is one of the only reasons I am still subbed. I am a former progression raider without the time or desire to organize raids anymore so the direction GC has taken this game: towards being a solo-MMO, works for me but also disgusts me. Honestly, I am 9/12 runestones, ilvl 523, having been in only two ToT pugs. It's a joke that I can, playing like I do, earn the rewards I am able to earn.
    That's mostly from VP gear which you could get outside of raids in Cata and Wrath as well. Couldn't you get Badge gear from TBC heroics even? LFR hasn't changed anything there. In fact I got most of my VP gear long before shitty LFR gear dropped anyway lol.

    I don't know what's with the attitude, you've got content you can do without the big time investment raiding takes that you can't afford anymore (I'm in a similar boat myself). And your gear is equivalent to NM gear at best, it's not like it's HM gear. Your 522s and 502s are junk anyway!

    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    I'm pretty sure I've thrown in the towel on it, at 7/20 secrets of the empire, and absolutely no desire to re-visit ToT again.
    Man you think that's bad? Wait till you get to Runestones!
    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    19/20 secrets and i am barely even trying, I do LFR every now and then when i feel like i wont get bored in the middle of it and leave, so ill probably finish it soon

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    Got my cloak a week or so ago, the solo fight (for melee at least) was very fun. Though I am hoping the siege quest is something other than 'get 20 more of this...' because that is getting very very boring. Overall I had fun with the questline so far this xpac but I hope they do something different for 6.0.

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    I'm on the exalted part and whatever quest goes along with it. Doing that one on my hunter and randomly doing the wisdom/power quests on alts. I'm sure I'll finish it all at some point, maybe before the 5.4 or at least before the expac. I'm not worried either way.

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    Main is waiting for 5.4 quest and alt is getting Secrets of the Empire now (maybe 6 he got already).
    Retired... but for how long? WAS DRAGGED TO THE LEGION HYPETRAIN!!!

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    9/12, cmoonnnnn lucky week!

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