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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    This. I put it off due to SSM, and now no one is doing the group quest down in Krasarang. But if you're only doing LFR, it's hardly necessary anyway.

    Overall, the legendary quest chain this expansion has been more annoying than rewarding. I don't think the game would be negatively affected by the elimination of anything "legendary".
    Worth noting the quest got the nerf bat in 5.3 we had a couple of people duo it last week.

    OT 4/12 runestones so hope so!!!

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    my lock recently started with the emprire quest.
    i havent done any ToT this week. i still remember getting enough sigils of power. weeks and weeks of MSV while i had done HoF weeks before that.

    and i am alrdy done with ToT farming for gear. and i have nothing to gain from it. except some empires or some REP
    ok, 1 offhand i could use, and that is really it.

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    I'm guaranteed to finish it this week since I only need 1 more runestone.

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    I definitely will, can't wait to see the 5.4 reward.

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    Same here, i have had 7/12, then got 4 last week while beeing in tankspec), so soon I'll get the cloak. I started it on my drood too, and went 2 weeks to LFR to get the 10/10 quest
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    Yes, they mean it! Got a broken leg, a female Dwarf and an infraction. Don't mess with humor folks !

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    4/20 secrets, i don't raid only lfr and with 1 hour + queues i just give up and log off, so yea might take a while.

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    I wont be Close in doing this

    Many thanks to Gamelol for the signature.

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    still on the bg wins/ Npc kill part. Chances look dim.
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    After having my itemlevel 608 cloak I can't wait to continue the quest with 5.4.
    I will stick with it until the end.
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    Before or after the next expansion launches? Tomorrow I'm able to finish my 3k VP quest. I have no clue how much comes after that, but I guess it'll take some time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gethe88 View Post
    Stuck? Even if you can't PUG it on your server, i'm sure there are a few people on OpenRaid that would help.
    A Change of Command is a much easier quest when you are in ToT LFR gear. 1 tank/heals/dps apiece would be fine (just as a "for example" -- you could probably do fine with any group of 3+ players that has some heals and a character who can take a little punishment). There may be quite a few players who would like to get it done on alts, too.

    It was a real 5-man boss the first time I did it. I did it 3-man at about 510 ilevel recently and it was pretty straightforward.

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    i have 9/12 titan runestones on my shammy and 5/12 on my paladin and yes im going to complete the legendary quest on both

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    Easily. I'm on the part to wait for 5.4.

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    Currently on 17/20 secrets so i plan to finish it but am over doing ToT

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    Since last night I'm on the part where i need to get 3000 valor. I'm not trying to hard to do the questline, so I doubt I will ever complete it.
    Casual play times all the way

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    3 toons. 1 with cloak, 1 just got socket and the other will have it's gem today.

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    6/12 Runestones.
    Won't be a problem since I raid regularly and we're slowly progressing through HC now. 4/13, downed Ji-Kun yesterday.

    It was a real 5-man boss the first time I did it. I did it 3-man at about 510 ilevel recently and it was pretty straightforward.
    They nerfed his HP by what 90%? He has 11m. Tanks can probably solo him now.

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    Finish week ago. Waiting for my legendary Weapon in 5.4

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    6/12 runestones... so another 1 and a half month for a damn cloak.

    I'm sure by then the 5.4 GRIND will be available on PTR.
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    3/12 runestones for me. Who knows if I will have any luck coming up.

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