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    I rerolled monk for 5.2, missed the first 3 weeks of ToT as I had to catch up with my paladin's gear to swap them around (had to hit ilvl 496).
    I'm on 16/20 secrets, so not doing too badly. Hoping to get lucky on the next step to catch up with everyone else!

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    I'm planning to finish it on 5 toons. So far, 5/12 runestones, 3/12, 1/12, 18/20 secrets and 16/20 secrets. Took a break earlier this year but it shouldn't be an insurmountable setback.
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    6/12 Titan runestones and i just do lfr . So yes i will get mine. If it wasn't for the legendary quest chain i would have cancelled my sub, so since i am bothering to pay for it i will finish it.
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    Got my cloak, waiting for more!

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    I've been having horrible luck with my Secrets, with only 4 after over 7 weeks...I doubt I'll make it in time for SoO .

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    Got my cloak last week so I am waiting for 5.4.

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    5/12 on main
    6/12 on alt

    Yeah i will finish it. At least on the most lucky character. On the alts i wont even bother.
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    Am I the only one that think legendaries is a waste of time if they aren't obtainable before the end of the expansion?

    You hardly get time to enjoy it. Well. That is how I feel anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duridi View Post
    Am I the only one that think legendaries is a waste of time if they aren't obtainable before the end of the expansion?

    You hardly get time to enjoy it. Well. That is how I feel anyways.
    If they're not xmog-able (not sure if they changed this?), then yeah, there's really no point after an expansion other than to say 'yep, I did it'.
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    I won't finish. I have one character on the runestone quest (3/12) and five others on the secrets part (ranging from 2/20 to 14/20). I canceled my sub and it expires in a month.

    I would have rather they didn't bother with this quest during MoP. It sounded really cool when they first announced it but has just turned out to be an obnoxious grind with the sole intent of keeping people subscribed to the game.

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    I'm still n t14 catchup, but I plan to get it all done eventually, before the next expansion releases, because more Wrathion lore is always nice. Plus, I really want to fully upgrade this Sha-Touched LFR axe even if I replace it with the 2h sword from the ToT LFR shared loot table.

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    Hoping Alliance will actually kill Nalak on my server this evening so I can move on to runestones.

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    Just starting on the Titan Runestones this week. So it's highly likely that I'll get it done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paintank View Post
    Just came back to WoW, on 10 sigils and 4 sigils at the moment :< sooooo doubt it
    Stuck at 9 and 8 sigils, but I really cba to do LFR and risk not getting any drops, wasting hours in the process. More importantly, after a six month break, I rerolled Rogue (from Mage and Death Knight, level 90 talents and Soul Reaper respectively suck), but I don't know if Rogue is meant for me. It's rather boring and only Combat weapons drop. Hate wasting 5 combo points on Slice and Dice and Rupture. Assassination would be better, but as I said, no daggers. Also, Assassination AoE sucks.

    Kinda need to find a new class. Just started RAF Paladin and Warlock. Maybe picking up my 64 Priest a long the way instead of my Paladin and see if they are more my class. I probably won't be getting that legendary, unless I get the taste of it with my Rogue.

    Don't even know the next part of the questline. No idea what those Runestones are either.
    Statix will suffice.

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