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    Who are more skilled; The Worlds First HC Kill guilds or The Worlds First 'Glory of'

    What it says on the tin. Do you think the guilds who get worlds first 'glory of the ____ raider' are better skilled/prestigious than the worlds first kills?

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    world first HC, on end bosses or the harder bosses

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    Absolutely not.
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    why would it be :O the only hard part of the glory is the heroic kills afterall.

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    No difference really. Time is the most important factor.
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    About the same. Both are about dedication more than skill.

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    Considering those who get world first glory achievment usually have better gear than the World first hc kill have so

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    Its a hard judge. They are both obviously very skilled, but focus on different aspects of the 'race'.

    At a pinch I'd say the bleeding edge World First Kills are slightly ahead, and the Glory World Firsts aren't far behind since they tend to kill the same bosses a week or two later when no nerfs are in effect.

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    this topic... i don't even..

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    HC ofc, the guild race Is on HC so ofc It will be HC and not Glory.
    /end of thread

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    considering the way that most guilds walk into normal. Like last tier we walked in only farming sha for 3 weeks. Having 2 people swapping toons we had 2 sub 505 ilvl players and 8 fully geared players. and the only normal modes we spent more than 5 pulls on was Meagara (overtuned in 10 week 1 got nerfed twice before week 3) and Durumu(people couldn't dance) and obv lei shen but that was still less pulls than meagara/durumu.

    My point is this Since this stuff is doable in flex. Flex is easier than normal. Most top guilds blow through normal's fast. Flex with achievement will still be easier than normal mode most likely.
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    People focus on HC so that's where you'll find the highest skill. Skill being coordination and gear.
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    Heroic kills w/o a doubt - since the "glory of"s are usually cheesed anyhow...

    But if done right - some of those glory of achieves can be hard as heck to do.

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    If you even for a SECOND think that any of the achievements this expansion were harder than the heroic end bosses, you are severely mistaken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karashote View Post
    If you even for a SECOND think that any of the achievements this expansion were harder than the heroic end bosses, you are severely mistaken.
    I'm pretty sure the achievements required you to clear ToT on heroic for the glory of this tier.....

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    Heroic modes are harder. The Glory of are usually gimmicky and can be done on normal mode. If you had people actually trying to do Glory runs first before progression for heroic modes, they would be done in probably a week or less I would venture to guess.
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    I would say those who complete Brawler's Guild with raidfinder gear are the most skilled....there is currently no bigger skill check than Brawler's Guild (and it solely relies on your skill).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rasako View Post
    I'm pretty sure the achievements required you to clear ToT on heroic for the glory of this tier.....
    You dont need to kill lei shen / raden, or h sha from last tier for that glory. Hes saying heroic END bosses. end bosses are not included in the glory

    and to the guy above about brawlers, its not exactly true. It can be harder with class A compared to class B in raidfinder gear, but they arent both the most skilled because that other class might have that much of a harder time. it relys on gear and class, if you remove gear then itll still be heavily class dependent, with some level of skill

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    Considering that most of the Glory Metas don't require you to kill the last boss (or two) of the tier on heroic, there really isn't even a discussion on this.

    The normal mode achievements can be done in like 5 pulls each (max). The heroic mode parts are the only part that actually requires skill.

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    World first Hc Kills OF COURSE. World First Glory achievments are just for those that give up on the Race for World First HC Kills and want to get some kind of World First to their name.
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