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    Quote Originally Posted by LegendaryDude View Post
    Edit: Though i think a lot of people will be pissed if the next one is not Burning Legion themed
    I'll be more pissed if it's Troll-themed, we have had enough Troll storylines to last us the rest of this game's lifetime. Gnomes have gotten squat.

    If anything, let's have a Gnome-themed expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LegendaryDude View Post
    Wrath of the Lich King featured the continent of Northrend, wich is also a big setting in Warcraft 3, wich had a pandaren hero unit. Two expansions later, we have Mists of Pandaria.
    That's a pretty silly attempt to connect the two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soratrox View Post
    That's a pretty silly attempt to connect the two.
    Yeah i admit, that one is really far fetched. I had something different, then i went afk for 10 minutes and completely forgot what i was about to write^^

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    1. Emerald Dream/Azshara
    2. Burning Legion
    3. Titans
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenjai View Post
    Uhm.. if you do the very first part of the Wrathion chain, you can see the whole of Azeroth.

    That bit. Anyway my predictions;

    Exp5: Burning Crusade

    Exp6: Titan Stuff/Queen Azshara

    Exp7: Titan stuff/queen azshara
    According to Titanic Maps of Azeroth Located in Ulduar on Globes Pandaria never existed.

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    I actually do not see an Azshara expansion but rather I see her as part of the buring legion expansion, she will have her own patch / part in the expasnion but not an entire expansion herself.

    1) Legion return Azshara, Kil'Jaden etc...

    2) Emerald Dream finish off the old gods and wrap that up

    3)Seat of Fire, Take the fight to Sargaras

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    I just want to say to this and all the other "Titan related" suggestions: what exactly are we going to do with the Titans once we finally meet them? Spend a whole expansion getting their autographs?

    The reason the Titans are even interesting is that they're mysterious and absent and hinted at. Once you start hanging around with them all the time they're just another bunch of dudes.

    I kind of hope we never see a Titan in-game.
    I agree 100%. I don't want to see titans, because that'd be disappointing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    I agree 100%. I don't want to see titans, because that'd be disappointing.
    Unless you only see them in visions, and they're gigantic (if you stand in front of them, you can't even see their heads because they're too big).

    I aggree that we should never directly interact with them, though. That would ruin the mystery around them.
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    new expansion 1
    south seas and azshara. abyssal maw, neptulon and a lot of scrapped cata content will be released. the zandalari will finally be obliterated. end of troll raids, forever. nzoth will be the final boss.

    expansion 2
    burning legion invasion. kiljaeden wants the sunwell to summon sargeras into the world. illidan, maiev, turalyon and alleria front the attack against the legion. argus, xoroth and kiljaeden will be prominent. kiljaeden will be the last boss.

    expansion 3
    return to the war in warcraft. warcraft wasnt a game about fucking dragons, old gods and titans and space aliens and shit. it was about different races killing the shit out of each other for land. raids will be massive battles over important locations. bosses will be important faction charachters. now for a pre 'the village' m night shamalryarughagn twist, near the end of completely destroying eachother, the titans will arrive on azeroth to stop the horde and alliance from destroying the world with their war. the titans recognize the power of the mortals of azeroth and ask for their help in destroying the legion finally. the mortals proved they can kill dragon aspects, legion servants, lieutenants of the legion, defeat old gods, kill nearly anything that takes a shit on their front doorstep, so the titans assume we can handle ourselves. sargeras will be the final boss, but it will not be revealed until the last patch, TBC sunwell style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tapzer View Post
    We never killed kil'jaeden, just shoved his big ass back through the sunwell to argus (Im assuming) We cant fight sargeras so early because he is the major big bad of wow, everything somehow ties to him and the titans.

    1st Burning Legion/argus xpac (Kil'jaeden final boss)
    2nd Azshara/n'zoth (Either or can be final boss)
    3rd Tough one, could introduce some titan stuff while dealing with the remaining old gods
    4th More titan stuff, sargares sends an avatar to corrupt Sylvannas/Bolvar, new scourge
    5th Sargares themed

    I don't know too much about lore, so I could be missing some key lore points. But we have 2 old gods left after n'zoth, they will probably be dealt with before we actually move onto sargares.
    Never said we killed KJ, we had him as endboss in TBC, we looted him. It does not matter at all if he actually died, was banished or unharmed by that fight. Technically he was the last endboss in a xpack and we defated him.

    Sargeras does not need to be saved as the last final encounter at all. Even though he is perhaps the major big bad of wow, it does not mean, we can't fight him in one of his forms/avatars or hosts he uses.

    Actually Sargeras was fought quite often now. Broxigar war of the ancients, Aegwynn against his Avatar, Khadagar and Lothar against medivh who was possessed by sargeras.

    There is no reasion not to fight him in the next xpack also, we are very powerful heroes now, we have defeated dragon aspects and old gods, certainly, we can fight an avatar of sargeras too. O.o

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    Expansion one; burning legion/titan themed. Has Alleria and Turalyon in it. Maybe Illidan if they decide to bring him back. You get to go beyond beyond the dark portal.

    Two; South Seas. Wait pandaland is there. Seas in general! Return to a broken Kezan and that volcano island that they wrecked. The Zandalari are the main enemy, with the Naga playing second fiddle. You also get to figure out what happened to Neptulon.

    Three; Loose Ends: The Expansion. Everything gets finished off with a nice neat little bow on it so they can make WC4 or WoW2.
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    I expect BL for next xpac too but unlike other people I think we will still be in Azeroth not Argus but South Sea as the zone. BL will invade imo.

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    Still have to chuckle at people thinking that the ones who almost blew up Azeroth, wiping out thousands of lives just to make sure the corruption was removed so that order would prevail would be our allies.

    That is like the species of the Mass Effect cycle calling the Reapers their friends, just because they left behind some technology to utilize, and because they seem like godly creatures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarathir View Post
    Still have to chuckle at people thinking that the ones who almost blew up Azeroth, wiping out thousands of lives just to make sure the corruption was removed so that order would prevail would be our allies.

    That is like the species of the Mass Effect cycle calling the Reapers their friends, just because they left behind some technology to utilize, and because they seem like godly creatures.
    LOL at people thinking we can kill them. We don't have a chosen one like a certain series did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    LOL at people thinking we can kill them. We don't have a chosen one like a certain series did.

    Not saying we will kill them or even meet them. Just think that it's silly that people think we will be their BFFs.

    "Yo, hey! We know you tried to blow up our world that time just because you thought removing corruption was more important than preserving millions of lives. But, eh.. friends?"

    As for actually defeating them.. I don't think we will, but I wouldn't find it too strange if we could. If we can defeat Sargeras, we can defeat a single Pantheon. If we can defeat a single Pantheon, we can defeat all. I'm not talking about 10man on 5-6 Pantheons, but more like the entirety of Azeroth and all other forces collected during that time. Naaru, Demigods, etcetera.
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    Well, they are very hard to predict as Blizzard has kind of wasted many lore resources to make contentent: They could make Nazjatar but we already have Vashj'ir which would be quite simmilar, so making a naga themed expansion would be repetitive. A demon themed expansion featuring Sargeras as the main antagonist wouldn't be so different from the burning crusade, and placing it in either the Sunwell (as someone above said) or the Well of Eternity would make it even MORE repetitive. And, finally, we got to see Ulduar, Uldum, and other titanic bases... so a titan based expansion makes no sense. There are no other places currently undiscovered in Azeroth except for some isles (for example Kul'Tiras) but an expansion about that wouldn't be very original now wouldn't be? They are just islands nor much different from Stranglethorn Vale or Sholazar Basin.

    There will be probably an expansion about the Emmerald Dream, why? Because it's the only world outside Azeroth that remains unexplored (and the MOP expansion was set in Azeroth, same as the expansion before, and the one before so it makes sense to me that Blizzard would make this expansion somewhere outside Azeroth). We might face an old god inside the dream, and even get to see Kul'Tiras in a patch. There might be a Patach about Sargeras as well, but I think the upcoming expansion will probably be the last one (but there will be a lot of patches for sure)

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    More level increases, fewer 5 mans, more balancing efforts, more complaining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkrulerxxx View Post
    I dont get why some people think its NOT burning legion related....OF COURSE IT IS.

    The legendary quest line is all about Wrathion's attempt to unite the horde and alliance against a common enemy, which clearly shows infernals hitting Azeroth.

    Its burning legion

    next expansion after that will be the final one which will be Titan Related
    Aye, I'll stick with that too. But, also expecting them to somehow fit Azshara/Old gods.

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