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    Heroic 25 man council of elders tips and tricks

    We have a core roster of 30+ so basically any class comp we could pull to cheese it. We got the smoke bomb strat. What are you guys recommending? We hero at pull burning sul cleaving king. Are you guys stacking for frost bite or whatever or healing through it? We aren't having a problem with the hot potatoe debuff or twisted fate just wanting to know how you guys kill this boss! And it's on 25man heroic!

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    My guild JUST killed this tonight. We ended up having the Frost Bite's being solo's, with just spam heals on them to keep em up. When we first started we would switch off Sul at 30 energy on King, (around 65% on Sul) but on the kill we switched on 50 energy (Sul at around 52%). After that it was really just making sure they were dps'd down before the 100 energy, and making sure Sul died before he would be empowered. I noticed that once the second boss went down however that it was very easy from that point. Twords the end the dots did get kinda iffy and I opt'd to take a tick to save a heals, but overall the dots were just pass em every 5 and you will be fine.

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