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    What can I do to improve..entrance to tot normals

    So have never seriously rogue raided..did a few t14 with my horde guild and I was always known as the "top deeps" after switching to assa after years of playing combat/sub.but have always raided as shammy resto. Will soon going to be starting into tot normal's and need to know if there is anything I can do to improve my char..I am useless at using shadowcraft bar the basic necessities cant figure out the simming process etc

    At the moment I cant improve my gear outside of upgrades so I tend to swish my gear through the up-grader and do it by what offers the biggest stat gain..so far mh/oh/chest/legs/shadopan trinket

    But...is there anything else that I can do to improve, T hings like how much better is anticipation over shiruken? I find in lfr etc shiruken is great for dps'ing between adds that are too far to shadowstep to so I dont spend too long out of combat/slacking

    Would love for a more pro raider to have a quick look and tell me if there is anything I'm doing wrong and what I should prioritize to upgrade this reset with my 1250 vp

    I consider myself a casual but pride myself on always performing well and topping the charts wherever I go so..all help appreciated

    here is my rogue http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...%ADne/advanced

    btw please ignore glyphs/talents as i swap them around every couple of hours depending on what I'm doing ie lfr/soloing old stuff/world rares/people ..I tend to cookie cutter those
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    I'll caveat this with I am not a "Pro-raider" but I am currently 11/13 heroic so hopefully not too bad

    You are quite a bit over exp cap and have reforged into expertise on some items. I would recommend at least checking the reforging, Shadowcraft has an option for reforging that should get you closer to cap or you can just enter the weights you want into reforge lite or askmrrobot etc if you prefer the way they present the detail (just be sure to get the right weights, you can just copy them from shadowcraft (left hand side)).

    For upgrades I always went Trinks > Weps > Chest/Tier but I prioritised higher item levels if I was aiming for a replacement soon.

    Looking at your char I would say the tier gloves or the trinket (though if you are starting normals Jin'Rokh could be delivering you a new trinket very soon!).

    If you are planning on getting serious on the rogue, you may also want to consider your professions, Skinning is a pretty poor one and if you have the time/gold/inclination, it may be worth considering one of the non-gathering professions as it will offer you a better advantage for raiding but it really comes down to your priorities and aims.

    Gems and enchants all look ok but you could go for the better leg enchant (again depending on if you want to spend the gold).

    Good Luck with the raiding! Hope you enjoy it

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    thanks a lot ..yea i know my forges were a tough off but was hoping for a tier off nalak that never came so ..:-( proffesions wise whats best over skinning to take i have most proffs maxxed tho on diff chars and debating gold sink would herbalism be viable with the haste/legendary meta and rppm trink?..also if i get a lfr rppm is it worth swapping that out and going full haste now i have the meta?
    I like to max out my dps and am always top dps in lfr/world bosses''oondasta etc..ok not a good benchmark but makes me feel good as a casual

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    You can switch professions in Shadowcraft to see how large an increase it is - and the auto-reforge function should help you with your reforging. If you're casual, I really really wouldn't switch professions to get a bigger bonus - it's a relatively small gain for a large amount of work. Generally, all non-Tailoring crafting professions are close together in value (around 320 agility) and above all gathering professions.

    If you don't want to use ShC to reforge, just jump an addon or site like wowreforge.com/AMR or the reforgelite addon.

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