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    Raid incentives???

    The guild I'm in is currently looking for new ideas to boost morale and motivate our raiders. Can anyone pitch in any ideas they currently use or have heard of, for bonuses given to raiders who go above normal expectations of showing up prepaired. Examples would be people who put in extra time to help provide materials for raiding needs, people who show above average improvements week in and week out, competitions between raiders for who has the least deaths in a raid week, etc. We are looking for ideas other than bonus EP's. Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    Gear. AKA bring back DKP.
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    Pets, Mounts, Free guild provided gems/enchants, guild stipend.

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    DKP fits your description perfectly, yes.

    Like 10 DKP for sufficient bufffood and consumables.
    10 DKP for being ready 15mins before the raid starts.
    100 dkp for everyone at the end of the scheduled raidtime.
    and perhaps bonus dkp for best dps etc. ( beware , this could cause internal problems )

    You get the idea. It's just the single best system , adjust it to your guild's preferences.

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    During Dragon Soul my guild had an issue with people showing up, so the guild leader decided to start handing out gold (10kg a week) to whoever rolled the highest on the last night. The only people that were allowed to roll were those who were prepared and showed up on time for each raid.

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    Maybe you could give Haunting Spirits from desenchanted gear to people. Reward those who show up every day for example.

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    DKP is always nice, though he requested something other than EP (Effort Points), which is another form of DKP.

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    ~The New Intermission Contest of Joy~

    1. Each time we survive the first intermission with everyone alive, the team will earn 1 chip.
    2. Each time we survive the second intermission with one person dead, the team will earn 2 chips.
    3. Each time we survive the second intermission with everyone alive, the team will earn 4 chips.
    4. Res can be used, but the person must be alive at the end of the intermission to count as "alive".

    At the end of the night, chips can be redeemed for 500g each (per player for everyone on the team).
    Our guild just started doing this on Dark Animus progression with Anima Font hits. It can be adapted to pretty much any boss, with variations of the rules/prizes.

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    How high is your guild in progress and how hard is recruitment on your realm? If answers are somehow close to more than 1/13H and fair just replace them, make everyone fight for raidspot with their performance(DPS vice) or deaths (Tank,Healers). If you have bench of 3-5 people ready to fill any slot you bet there will be a boost in performance (one way or the other).

    Some positive reinforcement can be in place if you dont have issues with attendance,than you only bribe people to go in YOUR raid to get gear for free

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    We like to award extra points for certain out of raid things such as contributing to gbank or farming mats for banquets, enchants, etc.

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    Very simple solution to motivate people.

    Show up on time with flasks, food, gold for repairs, and gear in order, or you get replaced.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    We (as in our raiders) get a handout of 5k-15k every 1-3 months depending on how the market is for BoEs and raid crafting mats. We typically pass over recruits on their first handout and get them worked in for the rest if they stay on. Flasks are provided by guild, and we've got several people who just provide free enchants and gems as well. We don't motivate people, we just make it so that people don't get demoralized by the little chores needed for raiding.
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    Rewarding better raiders with gear is not a solution, it will make things worse for the rest. All we could ever think of was free food, free flasks, potions and repairs. People seemed to be more mobilized when they didn't have to invest a dime into raiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shugone View Post
    The guild I'm in is currently looking for new ideas to boost morale and motivate our raiders.
    Perhaps a bit more information? Boosting morale and motivation make it sounds like your guild is having trouble with raiding. If so, the best morale boost I find is good steady progression. Other than that, you could try try increasing gold repairs and bank accesses for the regular raiders? Gear priority is tricky. It can work but it really depends on the guild. It can work for some, not for others.

    Or are you suggesting something fun?

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    Unfortunately, you can't force people to play a game if they don't want to. The best incentive? Replace them with people that want to play.

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    thank you for all your responces so far. the question was directed towards GM's officers and/or member of guilds who have little bonuses in place outside of the normal rewards from raiding. I'm not looking to start any kind of debate here, just wondering if there are guilds doing things I haven't thought of.

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    Incentives to Raid doesnt work that way.

    Your guild actually has to enjoy killing bosses and progressing or it will never work out. The first and biggest incentive your guild needs is the decire to kill some shit in a Raid with people you enjoy spending time online. If they dont feel like doing this, well it wont work out well for you.

    Gear ofcourse is a bonus, but ive always been one that thinks that my main goal is to progress as deep as possible with my guild period.

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    I'd stay well away from performance-based rewards, at least meter wise. It'll just encourage padding and risky behaviour and might even slow down progression, which is by far the #1 motivator for raiding - steady success. Our guild had a bit of trouble in MSV when a few of our raiders were more interested in ranking on WoL than actually getting the boss down. Rewarding things like staying alive and nailing mechanics 100%, on the other hand, could be a good idea.

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    DKP with Min-Max-Pass Rules

    Min = 25% of your DKP
    Max = 50% of your DKP

    That way you can fight inflation and keep it fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icausewipes View Post
    Very simple solution to motivate people.

    Show up on time with flasks, food, gold for repairs, and gear in order, or you get replaced.
    I'd like for this to be applied to my guild but our server is empty and people would make up excuses anyway, so if they're kicked it would make the leader look like the bad guy.

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