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    Enhance 4 Peice

    Hi guys, i was wondering whether the enhancement 4 piece would be a dps upgrade and to what extent it would benefit me?

    I would be able to get heroic tier head and legs because we should kill consorts this week and wondered whether replacing HT legs would be worth the swap because in my opinion and from what iv read the 4 piece inst much good?


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    You're going to have to sim it yourself im afraid.
    Raining Pandarens because of the bouncy racial?
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    I'm so sorry ;_;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barky View Post
    You're going to have to sim it yourself im afraid.
    How do i do that, never really done it before?
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    Our 4-piece is actually pretty nice. I'm not sure where you may have read that it wasn't, nor in what context that statement was made.

    Simming isn't easily intuitive, but like Barky mentioned, it's probably your best bet, to find out.

    Take a read, at the following link, to get started on using SimC. I don't know where they are, but I believe you can do a search on mmo-champ, to find a "how to use SimC" thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slodger View Post
    How do i do that, never really done it before?
    Lol... (reads it again)... lol!

    Ok... you have two choices here. You either go forth and take 4 peace set bonus and don´t think about it twice and find solace on the fact that at worst its a rather minor dps loss if anything else, or... read that thing that explains the process to make the sim poop numbers that you use to convince yourself you´re making the right choice.

    Ok, jokes aside, the only way to answer your question is that "sym it yourself". How to do that? In my oppinion, its too much messing around for a game. But alas, the tools are there, go forth and theorycraft my shamanistic brother.

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