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    Raid Lockout Extention question

    My guild is working on Heroic Lei Shen, and we're thinking about extending the raid lockout to avoid having to clear everything again to get back to him.

    There's a debate going on if the following is possible. I want to see if anyone has tried it and confirm if it works the way some people say it does:

    The idea:
    - Tuesday: 10 people zone into a fresh instance and kill Jin'rokh through Twins on NORMAL 10. They do not kill Lei Shen.
    - Wednesday: One person who was NOT in the above raid extends their lockout (which has Jin'rokh through Twins Heroic 25 killed).

    Would the people who went to the 10normal raid on Tuesday be able to participate in the 25heroic raid on Wednesday?


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    The only thing thats not allowed is bouncing within 2 heroic id's within the same reset (or extending in you're case)

    So yeh, its possible, long as nobody does heroic on tuesday

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    yea that's possible, tough i wouldn't recommend it unless going for a server first, getting more gear would make the fight atleast a little easier.

    I guess it all depends on how many raid days you have and how fast you full clear.

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