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    Season 14. All armors sets

    Hello guys,
    do you see all armors sets?

    I've seen them in this videos.

    Warrior: youtu.be/sKcmih0QIXI
    Rogue: youtu.be/Tdwa9hRJEBs
    Priest: youtu.be/2njLZfx_8TA
    Monk: youtu.be/b36Vt7cWlyM
    Warlock: youtu.be/NGsaYs8ryFM
    Paladin: youtu.be/xQ8nUIcSpAo
    Shaman: youtu.be/_PvCqHy3Fo4
    Druid: youtu.be/5EEluCMPVgA
    Hunter: youtu.be/ZpK7Uin4184
    DK: youtu.be/8M6fxkbrs68

    In my opinion, warlock's tier is amazing! What tier do you like more?

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    Where's mage?

    I thought there are all of the sets...

    but yeah, Warlock is the best looking set... again
    Waiting to see good sets for next tier!

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