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    Planning to return to PvP. Spec?

    So after almost 1,5 year of break from PvP (except legendary q line and 3 arena games to help reach cap to guildie) I'm thinking to start to kill people again.
    To clarify - only random BGs. Nothing competetive.

    So with my current gear I guess I should stick to Assassination right?
    Also should I rush for PvP weapons at any cost? Are their stats way better than Throne daggers? I wonder if PvP Power (if still exists) is huge factor after 5.3 patch.

    ~link to armory in sig if anyone wants

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    Hey, I don't play rogue as a main. in random bgs, all gear is scaled down to ilvl 496, so the PvP daggers would be a large upgrade, as the PvP Power still makes a decent damage difference. Everyone has 65% base resil now though, so there is no resilience on gear anymore. Really, any tyrannical gear would be an upgrade over your PvE gear, since the stats will be squished down to ilvl 496.

    Assass does some good consistant damage, and is certainly a fine choice for random bgs. Many people prefer sub too, but it's preference. Also, play around with talents to see what you like for different situations.

    Hopefully this helps a little bit!

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    For random BGs, do give a try to marked for death- you'll often get a lot of powerful envenoms with it, as you can often opportunistically pick weaker targets who will soon die.

    All three specs work. If you prefer A, go with that, but I mostly recommend you start with S. One of the things S has going for it is shadow dance, and on a low health target, or one without the trinket, it's a pretty solid cooldown because it is so much control. A is great if you plan to kind of be in the melee- like if everyone has heals, and you focus down someone, A will be doing good damage that whole time.

    Rush the daggers at all costs. Not only do they have the weapon dps that is so important (more for S), but they also have a pretty absurd amount of pvp power on them. After that start shoring up your weakest armor pieces.

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    well for random bg's assassination is "way" better than sub due to the limited restealth's which sub really revolves around atm. you can pretty much do unholy dk damage if you multidot stuff. tyrannical gear is better than pve pieces in pvp ( not world pvp / duels ) due to the item squish, throne gear is vastly better than honor gear tho. rogue 4 set bonus is also strong in pvp and some people opt to use it over tyrannical set pieces.

    for talents i go for subterfuge, combat readiness, elusiveness, shadow step, prey on the weak & shuriken toss.

    the reasoning behind takin subterfuge is when there is larger fight i open with garrote on like 3 people to get venomous wounds & deadly poison running for "massive" passive damage and energy regen. i also find it better in 1v1 due to the fact that you can garrote melee to get venomous wounds and energy regen running and still cheap shot from the opener for the stun.

    combat readiness is rather needed against most melee & hunters to not outright die when they pop their cooldowns if you decide to stick around and fight.

    elusiveness is rather self explanatory, cheat death does very little when you dont have a healer around.

    without shadowstep you are pretty much sitting duck after the opener.

    ive grown to like prey on the weak for the passive damage bonus it grants to everybody hittin the target so i usually pick it over paralyzing poison.

    while marked for death and anticipation are great talents for sublety, i find shuriken toss way better for assa due to the fact that you still pretty much do the "same" damage from range with it as you would do in melee.
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