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    WeakAuras. Had Tellmewhen before, was working good aswell.

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    I personally use InlineAura, which displays the time left of my Inquisition buff on my action bar.

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    i use classtimer, Very simpel, and works fine, With all classes. You can fix and change it as you see fit, what buff, debuff you want to see
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    CLCret with a ClassTimers bar
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    I use a weakaura icon with a timer near the middle of my UI, along with other cooldowns/shields/procs.
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    WeakAura set to make Inq icon flash at 6 seconds. I had not played ret seriously till MoP and early on had such bad uptime of Inq since the standard UI makes tracking it near impossible (oh, my buff window just decided to expand! can't see my auras now!). Got weakaura, now my uptime is perfect (unless I choose to drop it for a sec).

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    Clcret modified to show precisely what I want. I know my rotation, so I'm using it to track the cooldowns and durations of abilities and buffs - such as Inquisition and Sacred Shield.

    The Holy Power indicator fades away a moment after there has been no HP, as do all the spell icons (there are many more than what are visible here) when nothing is on cooldown. But during combat I can see everything with a single glance without having to move my eyes around the screen.
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    I use Tellmewhen and CLCinfo to track different things I need to know

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    ElvUI tracks it, like most buffs, over the player unit frame. I also use CLCinfo for a big "Hey, right now, you idiot," reminder.

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    I have clcinfo just display it as the next spell when there's under 2 seconds remaining. With the speed we build Holy Power even with a 2 sec warning I usually end up refreshing for 31 seconds.

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    I use the Aurabar in Elvui to track it (coloured it yellow) and use Weakauras that has a pulsing red icon when it has run out or it is below 6s.

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    Been trying to use as minimal addons as possible

    Using the stopwatch which as long as you do 3 hp inquisitions, should be fine:

    /cast Inquisition
    /sw 30
    /sw play

    just place it underneath your holy power meter

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    Weak Auras is so strong in raiding that it should be considered mandetory on line with DBM / Big Wigs. | Recruiting exceptional players!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntingbear_grimbatol View Post
    Weak Auras is so strong it should be considered a part of the default UI
    fixed that for you ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vilyx View Post
    Been trying to use as minimal addons as possible

    Using the stopwatch which as long as you do 3 hp inquisitions, should be fine:

    /cast Inquisition
    /sw 30
    /sw play

    just place it underneath your holy power meter
    That's actually quite interesting.
    I've used stopwatch for DRs and stuff like that, but never a skill timer.. Hmmm..

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    Quite an interesting way to track it, certainly for users who use purely the Default UI.

    Only issue that comes in mind are moments when you actually want to use the stopwatch for some other purposes or when you want to refresh with 2 holy power due fight lasting much shorter then the 30 seconds. Still pretty clever : ).

    <3 Weakauras, love it that I can make audio queues for bossfights like Animus to pop Raidwall

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