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    "I don't want to put all my power into my best ability that also heals me and is most important no matter what set of talents I choose when it can be dispelled and I can be interrupted. Instead I'd like to have to get many more hard-casts off let mind blast sit off CD half the time and use what little peels my team has for me to keep VTs up so that both the VTs and the procs they create can be dispelled before they can be any use. I also want to lower my single target burst and never use my only snare so that I can run at 50% bonus speed spamming my mind spikes for nonsensical numbers against a healer at 50% who will proceed to not defend himself neglect all forms of snare/knockback/CC and speed boosts he himself has and fall on his sword. Because I can't read tooltips that say +60% speed nor would I want to use things that do the same boost of speed and shield you in the same global because that would be stupid why would I want to not spend a global just to run fast and nothing else as well as need to target the ground to do it only to have a snare cancel the effect most of the time, I mean clearly its good to constantly waste this talent by having the charges sit off cd because they aren't needed or alternatively waste GCDs putting them down when I could be doing anything useful. ESPECIALLY when I need to use PW:S anyways..."

    This is laughable, the OP cant seriously be what he says I refuse to believe anyone "2150" rating would sound this foolish unless the mage is doing some serious carrying, the talents you're talking about aren't bad its just the way you claim to use them that is just unrealistic nevermind the fact that you simply cannot hit someone for 75k with a mind spike even with the best two int proc/use trinkets possible jade spirit and lightweave up in pvp gear you would still need another 8k or so int and you say you have static int trinkets so no you are very mistaken. Also you would have to gem full int in every socket nearly to get 27k sp in instanced pvp without the 10% sp buff and if that is with the buff all of this is even less believable.


    we must be playing a different game
    screenshot coming soon, nice try though

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    Quote Originally Posted by veiledy0 View Post
    in what game?
    Plus, if he can get off 3x VT, he can probably get 3 orbs.

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    you'll also gain wot 5-7% crit while dropping loads of haste that'll make all your casts slower and your gcd slower. this would be more viable if glyph of MS wasnt nerfd too

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    slower casts make it easier to keep vt up on three guys bro


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