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    Basically our Main Tank and GM is a Monk.

    One of our officers started arguing with him Stagger was a shitty mechanic.

    It's basically become a running gag where we bring it up and our GM will say "NOPE. NOOOOOOOOOOOOPE."

    It's even the banner on our website.
    lol. just cannot agree more. too bad your GM cannot see the truth of it.
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    I like that my guild is a small guild of friends that I personally know. I dislike that we don't raid together anymore. I hope that with flex raiding they will want to :3

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    Yeah, I hate the activity level. 200+ members, and guild chat is dead every day. I've yet to find a guild on US-Hyjal, horde side that has a solid activity level in guild chat, which is huge to me.

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    My guild is awesome. <3 Been there for over three years now and by having guild meets about twice a year really has made the core of our raid team really solid. The amount of banter we have in raids / chat is just amazing. I think I'd rather quit the game than find a new guild, the game just wouldn't be the same anymore. I see most of the guildies more as RL friends than just WoW people nowadays.

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