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    Pausing your queue.

    This may have been discusses countless times but I for one have never seen it mentioned.

    How hard would it be to implement a pause queue button for LFD and LFR - I mean, if you're at the 20 minute mark and the average wait time is 21 minutes and you need to pee ... do you risk it? Or do you wait it out until it pops? Well if you could pause your queue with out being taken out of it then that would help a lot.

    Would it be viable?

    Pros? Cons?

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    There are already ways to do this by entering instances while queuing for one but it isn't really supported by Blizzard, more like abusing the ability to queue for multiple types of instances.

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    I'd love this. I've often encountered that I sat through a 25-30 minute queue, was called away for 1-2 minutes by my loving parents, and returned to "you have been removed from the queue because you didn't not accept your queue invitation".
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    That would be nice, I really hate the 30 minute queues that suddenly pop at 10 and I just ran to the other room for a second.
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    You can already do this by logging out, there's a grace period where your queue is paused instead of removing you. 5 minutes or so perhaps? I'm not sure.

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