Thread: Need help.

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    Need help.

    Hello Fellow mages.

    I need help figuring some gear choice out.

    Right now i have this

    Tonight i got T15 hands and hopefully i will get legs tonight too,

    But i at the moment i have the T15 hands(522) and legs(502)

    Will it be a dps loss if i change my legs and hands out with the Tiers?

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    Loving how Shang actually goes out of his way to make stickies and there's still people who don't know how to look at the threads at the top of the page...

    Anyways...probably not. You'd be losing a lot of stats for a meh 2pc bonus.

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    Please redirect your question to the dedicated Gear thread which Jay kindly linked. You can also find the link in my signature. If you do it within 12 hours Cthulhu will only devour half of your soul.
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