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    [Frost] Big PvP Nerf

    From the front page

    Mastery: Frostburn no longer gives bonus damage to all spells against frozen targets. Now Fingers of Frost now increases the damage of Ice Lance by an additional 16%, and Brain Freeze increases the damage of the instant Frostfire Bolt by 16%.
    Seems like a pretty major PvP nerf, but it won't affect PvE at all. It seems a mastery change for PvP is long over due imo. Thoughts on this?

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    Wow, this is a HUGE nerf. Didn't see that one coming. And the new mastery seems pretty... odd. From a PvP perspective, I mean. Only time and testing will tell how much of a damage loss this actually is, although I have to admit on paper it looks like a LOT.

    R.I.P. Deep Freeze combos

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