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    Invocation of the Dawn for Ele Shaman?

    So this thing dropped a couple of weeks ago for me in 10n TOT. I've been using it since it's really my only choice for a 522 weapon.


    I can't get simcraft to import hand made builds through chardev, and even if I could I can't seem to upgrade the chardev items to get a good comparison. So my question is should I still be after the 1h weapons available in 10n TOT?

    Also, Mr. Robot shows the 1h weapons (like Amun-Thoth from council) as a hefty improvement in the gear selector, but as soon as they're equipped with any 502 or 522 offhand the total score still goes down even after optimization.

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    Just one thing. There are some physical damage attacks that are mitigated through armor in this tier. Do not underestimate the use of a shield for survivability.

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    I just realized I posted this to the wrong forum and I can't delete it, so if a mod can move it to the elemental shaman forums that'd be great.

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    It has no spirit or hit, be happy imo.
    Given you're already struggling to stay at only 15% I'd only replace with either DA dagger or twins staff.

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