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    Lei Shen Normal - What Pillars do You Deactivate? Level?

    So, which ones are they? My group starts by deactivating Diffusion Chain in first phase, after first intermission we have been Deactivating Overcharge, but leveling Static Shock. Just curious how other groups handle everything, or is this pretty much standard procedure?

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    We deactivate East (Diffusion Chain), pull to south after intermission, and level up North (Static Shock) before the second intermission so that it deactivates. If you have issues with DPS during this phase, you can Bloodlust on north to prevent leveling up a second time; otherwise, use it in execute range.

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    We've always deactivated Diffusion Chain (East) first since generally it's the most annoying to deal with, then we level up Overcharge (South) and deactivate that, with overgearing it now we don't need to level up any on the second time round, but a third overcharge during the transition doesn't really make much difference either way and when we were learning the fight it was less work in transition than leveling static shock.

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    My guild got our first kill last night overloading overcharge and leveling up diffusion chain. Diffusion chain is not hard to deal with, we found CCing the adds, and having a tank pick them up and then AoEing them down on the first ball lightning after the transition to be the easiest way to deal with them. We also found that ill timed or placed overcharges were our the most likely thing to cause wipes, and extra chains in the second transition was not a problem if you didn't have to stack for overcharges.

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    For what ever reason we failed until overloading Bouncing Bolt then kill which ever is to the right so we don't have a weird split for final phase. Done this in 25m and 10m.

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    On our first kill we used this strat.
    Deactive diffusion chain first transition, spread 3-3-3-1.
    In the second we did not level any pillar, just pushed it down, just made sure we deactivated one of the ones connected with the diffusion chain so you dont get them diagonal. In the second transition we spread 6-3-1 with the solo soakers in the 3 group.
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    the key for us has been to never give static shock very much charge, like less than 20 or so. that makes soaking SS with any two people possible in the intermissions.

    we get rid of south (overcharge) first, then level up/destroy diffusion chain second.

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    10 man:

    Disable Diffusion (90-75-75-X depending on DPS, X being static shock)
    1st intermission split 1-4-1-4
    Level up Static (90-90-L+X depending on DPS, L+X being 1 level of static shock + extra)
    2nd intermission split 3-3-4 (we didn't put much thought into this though)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radio View Post
    Level up Static (90-90-L+X depending on DPS, L+X being 1 level of static shock + extra)
    2nd intermission split 3-3-4 (we didn't put much thought into this though)
    I have a question regarding this: We had our 2nd evening on Lei Shen yesterday. He reached a point where phase 1 and 2 works nearly perfect (overloading Chains, doing 3-3-2-2).
    In p3 we tried exactly your guide: 90+90+ L+x for static.
    Some calculations:
    Regarding infos i found on WoWHead StaticShockdmg is (for 10m): 400,000 * (1 + level) + 4k * energy. At the end we get to p4 at roughly 50% energy at the pillar.
    So we have: 400k*3 + 4k*50 = 1.4m dmg.
    We tried for p4 with 4-4-2(both tanks)
    So a corner with 4 people get 1.4m dmg. Means every one gets 350k. Thats doable but u have to be full life.
    If someone dont get to run in we have 466k per person which is most of the time some dead people.
    So everyone has to stand on the exact position.
    The major point is:
    With LvL3 the pillar creates 3 Shocks. So with our tactics we have 2 shocks in one corner which is overkill.
    We could send 1 solosoaker to the corner with the 2 tanks but the question is then do he really gets both shocks or is it random.
    And what do you do in this case?
    Praying that one of the two in this corner can solosoak it and pray that the other 3 survive the second?

    If u want to look at something specific:
    Dont look at the first attempts. Our Warriortank had disconnects nearly every 15 mins so we decided to let our dk go tank and get another priest.
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    Start east on Diffusion Chain.
    Once tank A gets Decapitate have the other tank pull it south to the Overcharge plattform. Diffusion chain will be at 94-98. You will get a Overcharge now.
    Now watch the new Overcharge timer. Pull the boss west as soon as the Bigwigs timer on Overcharge is at 8seconds.
    You reach the west platform with 1second left and Overcharge becomes Swirly pools. You have to do another tank swap now.
    Once the boss does his Thundering axe it is time to move him north to the Static Shock platform. The exact timer on this one is when the tank with decapitate has 1 second left on his debuff. It is very important that you watch your dps. If the boss is at 68% do a dps stop until the first static shock. To make stuff even more smoother pull the boss to the center at 66%. Shorter ways for everyone. If the boss is low enough you can even ignore the static shock platform completly and move right to the center and nuke the last percentages till 65%.

    North - 2 tanks
    South - 1 heal with soak, 1 dps with soak
    East - 1 heal, 2 dps
    West - 1 heal, 2dps

    The second runway starts north at static shock. You will go north -> west -> south -> center. Chains are down so you can clump up in melee range. Use HERO now. The movement in this phase is very easy. You use the tank kick to swap platforms. No magic. Once you reach the Overcharge platform it depends on your dps how much is left until 30%. Have the tank get kicked to the center now. Finish off the last percents in the center area if you are still missing some. Do not wait on the Overcharge platform. Just move to the center and nuke down the last percentages (if you got some left). This is very important since it will prevent Overcharge from leveling and you will not get a person Overcharged the moment you have to run to your platforms.

    North - 2 tanks
    South - 1 heal with soak, 1 dps with soak
    East - NONE
    West - 2 heal, 4dps

    Everyone is in melee range until the timer on Thundering axe is at 5 seconds. Now all ranged will move out until the axe has landed. Move back in since the adds will arrive. Nuke them in melee range. Rince / repeat. Loot.

    Some other tipps: You can use a pull timer. Just start it 2-3 seconds after the boss teleported to the north plattform. Pop a potion once you see the teleport move to east. Pop the second potion in HERO phase. The last phase is too easy.
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    That really depends on your comp, if every1 can solo soak and you have troubles with bouncing bolts because of overcharge (i.e. you have 1 or 0 priest healers), you can level up static shock. For us, after 100 wipes (along with five!!! sub 5% wipes, including 3m and 430k wipes), leveling overcharge worked out (killed it first time when no1 died before p3). Main problem for us were slow healers who didnt have enough wit to avoid thunderstrike or whip in p3 (running against the wind /facepalm), and ball lightning adds that were not killed fast enough. Last phase, as it is, is not a DPS race, but another execution fight that requires you to avoid death and clean adds very fast.

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    We got our kill relatively fast, after like 2 hours with noone boosting us. What we did was not level up anything. I suggested that and the idea got rejected. So what we did was overload diffusion chain on first, then I ignored my raid leader and popped hero. Boss went into 2nd intermission without leveling anything up, making it easy as hell. Little more time needs to be spent in p3 without hero but I never actually wiped once we got to that phase anyway. It really depends if you can pull off the dps to not level up anything in p2.

    If not, I suggest leveling up static shock. Gives more movement possibility from less overcharges;
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