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  • Shameful death; No honour, No glory

    150 64.10%
  • A heroic death like his fathers

    38 16.24%
  • Survives to continue serving the Horde

    17 7.26%
  • Survives to do his own thing

    29 12.39%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinndra View Post
    actually im sure this ending is reserved for hunters. every fricken tier is the skin of some dead thing.. its getting tiring already.
    You're a hunter. You hunt things. You then use the things you've hunted. That is what the class is all about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel Tyrael View Post
    I just want ONE WC villain to prevail for once....
    That doesn't make sense. When does the bad guy win in anything?
    It was never Hardcore Vs Casual. It was Socialites Vs. Solo players
    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    World of Warcraft started life as a Computer Roleplaying Game, where part of the fun of the game experience was pretending to be your character. Stuff like applying poisons and eating food enhanced the verisimilitude of the experience of playing a fantasy character in another world. Now that game has changed to become a tactical arcade lobby game.

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    If he dies, I want an arrow in each eye for Vol'jin and Sylvanas, an axe in his chest for Saurfang, and a sword beheading him for Varian. Oh, and the rest of the body roughed up by a giant totem for Baine.

    If he lives he should be forced to rebuild the Vale brick for brick and build a memorial on the ruins of Theramore. By hand and by himself.
    Quote Originally Posted by jai151
    Garrosh Hellscream, because when the world's already gone to hell, it takes a special kind of orc to make it worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trogie View Post
    He fights for the Horde, if you are a part of it then he fights for you. He is brutally forceful because that's what he believe to be the best route to supply for his people. He was put in control of a group of people that lived in a desert and then everyone screams and complains when he secures new territory for them. He secures the borders of the Hordes land and makes sure his people are safe. His people were once kept as slaves, and fought in a brutal war. Yet people condemn him as a racist for fighting those who threaten his peoples peace? Thrall is naive to think that everything can be solved with peace.

    He believes in strength. He believes that all powers, including naturally evil ones, can be mastered and used if the user is strong enough. Is that not something commendable?

    Please, tell me how that is a bad leader. Does he do the right things all the time? No. But that's what makes characters interesting.
    Lol what Horde? He fights for orcs and ONLY orcs.

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    Would want to see him going down dying for the orc horde he believed in with a fair fight, a shameful execution beheading him while being defenseless does not suit a horde leader story wise, victory or death as the orcs say.

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    I'd like to see Garrosh either redeemed/purged and made to mend his mistakes and continue to serve the Horde, or to die a heroic death by doing something honourable at the last second, pretty much like Grom. I'd rather see Y'shaarj corruption going out of control and taking over whole of Orgrimmar including the Alliance and the Rebels just for Garrosh to realize his mistake and correct it by turning on Y'shaarj, going out with a bang than for Garrosh to die like a lowly criminal. There's nothing epic about that.

    Then Garrosh would just become the next Illidan, people a few years from now would be wondering why we even killed him as he wasn't that bad.

    If Blizzard wanted me to hate Garrosh they should've been more clear on his motives. They should've let Garrosh kill children and betray his own faction and outright state his desire to become some sort of God. I could live with killing a lunatic like that. Now I don't exactly see the bombing of Theramore or the destruction of the vale as a reason to kill him, it's quite normal in war.

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    he will beg for mercy and we'll deny him

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    I would like it if it was some sort of jigsaw ending, just because you killed me my work will still continue. Then we find out Garrosh has / have a child with zalea

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    survives to do his own thing (dark horde raises)
    my PSN ID - Kobold_Rider

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    Lives long enough to see the "weapon" he's controlling go apeshit and start to take him over.

    He realises he's become his father's son.

    Some sort of self sacrifice crap, uses his last bit of willpower/strength to suppress the sha, falls to his knees with a "non apology" along the lines of "everything I did was for the strength of my horde... Finish it"

    Thrall turns his back, Vol'jin appears from the shadows, shoots an arrow (you don't see where it goes) and the "level up, ding" animation surrounds him.

    We all call for the burning/dismemberment of Garrosh's unseen body but green Jesus goes on about preserving honor or some crap.

    Wrathion (popcorn in hand) /golfclaps from the rafters.

    The end.

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    Jaina should killsteal in the most asshat fashion possible with her legendary thundergodkingstick in a fit of pathological rage right as the raid beats the Sha out of Garrosh, ruining any chance of salvation. The Shado-pan rally against the madwoman's actions saying the alliance is no better than garrosh if they are unwilling to overcome their own emotions and cast both the alliance and the horde out of pandaria. The horde, re-united the Belf leader whose name I can't spell decry the Alliance for being utter dicks and for having their retarded ass support KS at the last second during the Bot game and swear never to play co-op with the alliance again.
    Naftc, "Hunters are the cheapest class in game and when played right are more deadly than a train plowing through a field of bunnies covered in napalm"

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    Let's grant him a honorable death, if there's any decent reason for it. Yeah he did bad things but no one cares when the guy in question have his deserved death like anyone want now, no matter "how" he will die. And if he dies, whatever the way, we'll be sure that no chance there will be for him to cause further mess within the Horde, nor any chance of fuel another draining, consuming and unecessary crusade against the Alliance, and if he die in a decent manner at least, he will leave a little less shameful memory of him. Yeah, he could survive, relearn his ways and so on, but "relearn" and throw away all his ideals "because" don't fit with Garrosh, and living him wealth, alive and free would be too forgiving, a forgiveness that indeed he don't deserve.
    So yeah, let's Garrosh dies in a badass way, instead of maintain him alive in a both shameful and forgiving manner.

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    Victory or death. Garrosh seems like the kind of character that wouldnt have it any other way. And by the looks of his Hulked model, that seems to be the case. Ofcourse we really dont know anything else.

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    I hope voljin gets the killing blow with an arrow to the knee.

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    It'd be cool if we get him to like 5%, then some racial leader steps in (Varian for alliance or....uh....someone for horde) and tells you to stop. Said racial leader starts preaching about how mercy is nice, we don't want to stoop to his level, etc. It looks like we're going to show him mercy and not kill him.

    Then while he's on his knees at 5%, Sylvanas or Vol'jin or someone steps out and cuts his throat, finishing him.

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    Death and Taxes.

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    I hope he still plays a part in the game, either a opposition leader (Blackrock Clan, exc) a wandering world boss, or as a part of the horde. My concern is that the Horde is going to be scrubbed of anything resembling the Horde and become just make it a reflection of the Alliance, where everything just reflects each other so that nobody is "favored" or seen as good or bad.

    They have already remolded Vol'jin from a troll to a Alliance lap dog. Oh no, something bad is happening, hurry hurry send someone to get the Alliance to help us.

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    At 1%, Jaina does an Edea move, summoning ice shards, sticking Garrosh with them.

    anti climax, but yeah.


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    Norushen will keep him incarcerated under the vale. For 10 thousand years.
    Then Sylvanas kill the Pandaren watching the prison, so she can free Garrosh to use him against the army of ascendants and elementals who are the front for the return of the Old Gods, which are threatening the world.

    Totally original story, bro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    At 1%, Jaina does an Edea move, summoning ice shards, sticking Garrosh with them.

    anti climax, but yeah.
    I can live with that, so long as some random Orc soldier walks up behind Jaina and puts a sword through her belly. If Garrosh has to "answer" for his crimes like wrecking the Vale and bombing Theramore, Jaina should answer for trying to level Orgrimmar. Fair is fair.

    That and Jaina is obnoxious and emo now; she needs to die.

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