Thread: Best Servers?

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    Best Servers?

    What are some suggestions for best Alliance & Horde servers?

    (Coming back to WOW after several years away)

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    US Kil'jaeden is one of the best High pop realms that has a fairly good (balanced) Horde to Alliance ratio. It's the best you can get.

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    EU? US? Should also note that after 50% off sale a couple of the highest US pop servers are complaining on the Blizzard forums about login queues so that might be something else to keep in mind. Generally though, you'll get the best experience playing on the dominant faction of a high pop server. Also verify which server gives you the best latency.

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    In terms of EU

    Alliance: Silvermoon PvE, Outland PvP, Grim Batol PvP, Argent Dawn RP

    Horde: Draenor PvE, Stormscale PvP

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    My bad for not being more specific, I will be on US servers. Thanks for answers thus far!

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    1500+ queue on US Stormrage last night. Yay for spending an hour of my raid night in Q.

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    I have had a good time on Sargeras since I moved from Thunderhorn, theres actually people, just not many Horde (would be more fun if there were)

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