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    Quote Originally Posted by NatePsychotic View Post
    EPL and WPL could use the flora/fauna freshened up a bit and the tree's to look less like paper cut outs and more like actual dead trees. Oh and update those weird ass mushrooms outside Stratholme.
    Or just have the regrowth expanded. On that subject, if Blizz ever revamps the BElf/Draenei starting zones I hope Blizz has the Ghostlands starting to be restored as well.
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    Quel'thalas and Plaguelands have been fully recovered. Stratholme is now the main base of the Argent Crusade. A conflict with the Forsaken and the humans/dwarves happens in Arathi, and the Alliance finally halts the Forsaken advance, capturing Stromgarde and pushing Forsaken to the Hillsbrad and manning Thoradin's wall. Parts of Hillsbrad are liberated as well. Gilneans also push the Forsaken out of their kingdom and re-inhabitate the city.

    Other than that, I don't really know what else should happen. It's just that currently the situation in northern part of Eastern Kingdoms seems unresolved.

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    Old world is FINE. God damn I couldn't handle another Catacylsm. But if Blizzard want's to re-do something, re-do Outland.

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