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    i am in need of a pvp MM rotation

    ive always been a BM hunter - both ally and horde.. and what ive been reading is all over the place -
    spam steady shot, and serp sting

    aimed is my big damage spell, or is it chemeria?


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    You still want to use Chimera on cooldown, not just mindlessly spam steady shot hoping for procs. I'm not sure if it's beneficial to not use arcane shot as much in hopes of getting more instant aimed shots tho. I play it just like I do surv/bm, using arcane with extra focus.

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    PVP rotation?? Lulz

    But seriously, Serpent Sting, Chimera, Steady, Aimed on proc....spam steady shot whenever Chimera and Aimed are on CD/not proccd to keep up the haste buff up...
    I'm jumpin in this sh*t, like a pogo on a potty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duttyboi View Post
    Why did you make your post 10 miles tall??

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    For visual effect
    I'm jumpin in this sh*t, like a pogo on a potty.

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    He makes a post to ridicule the OP and "forgets" arcane shot in the "PvP rotation, lulz"

    What have we learned today buttyboi?

    What you want to do OP, is get 2 steadyshots off, for steady focus buff, then get an arcane shot off for the pvp power buff, the next thing on the priority list is chimera and then serpent sting. then you just chimera on cd, spam arcane shot as much as possible and fill up on focus with steady shots. It's always a priority to keep steady focus buff up.
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