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  • 1. WoW

    249 29.93%
  • 2. TBC

    297 35.70%
  • 3. WotLK

    213 25.60%
  • 4. Cata

    49 5.89%
  • 5. MoP

    24 2.88%
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    Going to say TBC, it is when I picked up the game, and even though I prefer the music for the WotLK log-in screen, TBC just floods me with nostalgia!

    Well, so does WotLK now, but TBC was when I was a baby, obviously!
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    I'll have to go with WotLK, trough I can see why people choose vanilla and TBC. I actually liked to race against Sindragosa, every time I try to log in.

    ''Okay Sindragosa, you have bested me yesterday, now its my turn''

    Sindragosa: BRING IT ON!

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    Pandaren Monk salo's Avatar
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    Vanilla / Wotlk!

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    Let's raise the nostalgia level in this place a notch..

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    Vanilla, MOP, then it doesn't really matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisho View Post
    The Cataclysm login screen is incredible. Deathwing's model is just, wow.

    Definitely my favourite. MoP's probably comes afterward, then WotLK, then TBC, and finally WoW. They're just, y'know... portals. Kinda dull.

    EDIT: Oh, music as well? Eh... Probably going in chronological order, backwards. So MoP's is best, then Cata, then WotLK, then TBC, and finally Vanilla.

    Blizzard just keep getting better with every expansion.
    What the hell is so great about pandaria, they're not just statues?

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    Classic log in screen, the sudden sounding of drums and the beat they had and the portal arch way made it seem like I was about to jump into some serious shit lol.

    Would kill for an option on screen to use the old log in skins.
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    Would vote Wrath if it wasn't for the damn Frost Wyrm. Therefore, Vanilla WoW for me.

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    Wrath, at least until the dragon comes up

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    screaming dragons of wrath! that shit would wake you from a coma.

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    Anything but Wrath with that loud ass dragon. Starting WoW felt like a race to enter my password and press enter before that bastard did it's RAAAAAAAAAAAAWGHGHGHGHGHHGRLGHRGHGHGHG thing.

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    Toss up between classic and TBC for me. The mystery of what lies beyond the portal + the background music make them my favorites. To pick one...I will go with classic/vanilla.

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    The Lightbringer
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    Vanilla one so long and so hard.

    As frustrating as it was on launch day that's pretty much all I heard for hours. Severs crashing and massive queues lol. Logged on for weeks only to sit in a 15-20 minute queue, so yes the Vanilla one brings back the fondest of memories for me. Patch days causing instability and sometimes days without playing, but still.. sitting there.. waiting to login.

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    Vanilla, who didn't play back then won't undestand. The game was about adventure and RPG part of MMORPG back then and that login screen combined with awesome music was inviting you to epic journey.

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    I love the original because it does such a great job representing everything that vanilla stood for.

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    TBC for me, with Vanilla right behind it! Those themes playing in the background was sooooo awesome!
    I liked WOTLK as well, yet the dragon screaming was somewhat annoying.

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    Fluffy Kitten Rivelle's Avatar
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    Even though I played since late Vanilla, I only did casual 10 man raiding until WotLK...when I started doing 25 man HMs. It was the most active time for the server I was on for years, I had many friends and was doing lots of raiding and was happy.

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    I think they should let us choose what login screen we want to look at when we log in, vanilla simply looks amazing, the MoP one isn't terrible, THB is awesome as well, cata wasn't terrible but wotlk doesn't really look nice... sure it had part of ICC in it but it should have had the lich king, which is the main boss in the expansion, not a frost dragon... if I wanted to see a frost dragon, id go to dragonblight not the login screen

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    Over 9000! Lei Shi's Avatar
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    Going by looks only, Mists. Nothing beats the 2 Mogu.

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    TBC easily!

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