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    Cool down timer bar

    I'm looking for a simple cool down bar that I can choose which cool downs will display (eg: Inquisition, Selfless Healer) and which ones I can have it ignore (eg: buffs that have no expiration, such as tabard buffs, etc...). Is there one? I use Satrina Buff frames, but I don't like the bar display that comes with it. I keep the buffs at the top right of my screen next to my minimap, and I don't like having to look up to it to find the buffs that I'm trying to keep track of. Sounds kind of lazy, but whatever.

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    Nah thats not lazy. Its good to have important buffs in you field of view.
    As for addons there are many that could fit your needs.

    I would suggest "Weak Auras"

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    Raven also does it nicely, plus it can filter all your buff and debuff groups so you only show what's necessary. Raven is awesome. /fangirl

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    My vote is for 'NeedtoKnow'. Pretty simple and fairly customizable. One drawback is I haven't figured out how to make it do vertical bars, only horizontal

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    Cool, thank you very much. I'll give each of those a try and see how I like em.

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    I'd have to agree with Lissa. Raven is a beastly addon when it comes to buff and debuff tracking. Having the option to make both icons and bars and even make a timeline bar (like Coolline) but having the options to blacklist or whitelist what you want shown.

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    "Needtoknow" is simple but limited in some ways. "TellMeWhen" and "Weak Auras" can do a lot more but can get complicated to configure at times.
    Luckily, the last two have importable strings and a little search on the various class forums will hook you up with some options so you don't need to re-invent the wheel.

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