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    Cool Possible to solo Dragon Soul as a Hunter now?

    This is me --> http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...eisya/advanced

    Tried solo'ing Morchok (10N) a few weeks back and it almost worked, so I'm confident it could now. I'd like to know if the other bosses right up to the end would be soloable as well. I'll appreciate any tips/strategies that could help me out.

    If need be I can switch to my off-spec and alter my talents/glyphs to whatever is best suited for this task. It's just for fun until 5.4 arrives.

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    Strongly doubt any non-tank can do ultraxion atm. His aoe used to be spread which still hurts now because of that. Starts out at 195k every 6 seconds (nerfs included) and ramps up every minute. Assuming you pull 200k dps you could kill him in roughly 3 minutes but that would require to have 40k hps on yourself and keep pet alive on top of that.

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