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    Soo has no one else noticed that in the music video at 2:14..that's totally the dude who plays Hodor bottom right of Jimmy's box? xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaymike View Post
    Yah he did a radio interview last week and was asked about mentioning that in a magazine and said that he was raiding when he took the call that told him he had won the part.
    Ha, that's awesome. I wonder if he announced it on Vent. "Hey guys, sorry for AFK. Had to take a call. Turns out I'm the new Superman. OK, so anyway - I'll be raid healing or MT healing?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phaelia View Post
    That song was awful :-\
    Perfect summation of the video.
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    Oh god, hunter shoulders - horniest ever..

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    Is Blizzard really trying to pass this Fel Flame change off as a non-nerf? Hah.

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    El video es increible.... ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ enhorabuena¡

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    Jimmy plays a Horde for sure. That's a notch up in my books.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noblia View Post

    Does anyone see the problem with the above statement? Hint:its at the end... Last four words.
    You are confused, there is no problem, as it is their game, not yours. The tabard system was broken, simple as that. All people did was logon, farm dungeons, logout. Maybe raid, if you were into it.

    The current system may not appeal to you, but you have many options to gain your rep/charms, and if none of them appeal, maybe you need a new game, not an entitled attitude toward making the devs change the direction of their game to fit your needs.

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    Loved the vid. Wished it showed more Horde clips though.

    For the Horde!

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    Ugh....just barely upgraded to MoP after a busy year in school. Literally two days it's on sale for half the price. Hate my luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissKrispay View Post
    Soo has no one else noticed that in the music video at 2:14..that's totally the dude who plays Hodor bottom right of Jimmy's box? xD
    Kristian Nairn (Hodor) does play WoW, so I don't see why it wouldn't be. He was talking about it with The Yogscast on a Yogpod episode like 2 years ago.

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    Wow Jimmy way to be exceptionally late to the game. South Park timed it right but this video coming out when WoW has been on a downward sub trend for years?

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    The song was nice, apart from the lyrics..

    "you are never alone" what?
    "the worgen, the paladins" yeah, and the trolls, right?
    Also too much focus on the character creation, which happens only once per character.
    Also, the Lich King is dead.

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    Not sure whether to be embarrassed to be a WoW player now, or laugh at how bad that song was.

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    Wow, both sets are very nice.. I'm sure glad the Monk one looks neat ! I wasn't too happy with how the Tyrannical set was... put together.. >_>.

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