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    Help with reforging

    Alright so I just got my 4 piece set bonus last thursday and since I'm a lazy guy I decided to put off reforging and gemming til today. Well I check shadowcraft and hit that nifty auto reforge button and now it's telling me to reforge to haste. So my question to you guys is should I listen to shadowcraft and reforge to a haste build or stick with mastery? Not sure if it's more beneficial for me to reforge haste since I got my four piece, I know you're supposed to go haste after getting two rppm trinkets, but as of right now I'm still stuck with the trinket off elegon because ToT is unforgiving when it comes to trinket drops for me, can't even get them on my mogu rune coins. Anyway here's my armory:


    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Your character is straddling the Haste ~= Mastery point which makes using SC a little more tricky for you. It really just depends on your playstyle.

    I'd recommend : Shadowcraft.

    If for some reason that link doesn't work. Basically it is: Reforge for Mastery > Haste and then add Agi/Haste gems into your yellows until it says Agi/Mastery is better. When you hit auto-reforge check the EP values to see when it reforged you for haste or mastery and go on from there. Keep in mind that I didn't add any new buffs, only buff that was check was "Combat potion" because I don't know what buffs you have. Generally I would stick with valuing mastery over haste at your gear ilvl.
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    See 5.2 trinkets discussion, Assassination: the Nitty Gritty, and http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1312358-rogue-help-)) for current information on the topic of haste and mastery. If you've got another issue with shadowcraft or reforging/regemming, feel free to ask me to reopen this and edit the OP, but to prevent clutter, please shift the discussion to the recent rogue-help thread.

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