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    So at what point do assassination rogues move mastery to haste?

    I have heard that mastery will give diminishing returns after a while and it is better to move to haste.

    Twice I have went through shadowcraft and and it shows me reforging to be spot on.


    Any insight would be great.


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    Any links on this DR with Mastery would be nice because it is the first time I have ever heard of it.

    But from what I have seen, is 2x RPPM Trinkets and Legendary Meta is when you can move to a Haste Build. But most Rogues I have seen have stayed the Mastery path which I plan to do as well even after I get the trinket from Jin

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    Mastery doesn't DR; haste becomes better with more RPPM mechanics (meta, ToT trinkets) and surpasses mastery by an amount congruent to the strength of those RPPM mechanics. ShadowCraft is showing a gain of 1k DPS (<1% DPS) by going full haste (reforge and gem) for you.

    However, since part of the value of haste comes from it increasing RPPM mechanics, if you get bad RNG, mastery will be better; if you get good RNG, mastery will be better. Haste just makes your RNG slightly better which results in more procs/damage on average over many attempts.

    There are also the differences between haste and mastery on actual fights. If you target swap at all, mastery comes out ahead because you leave a stronger DP/VW.

    In the end, you can gear either way. The difference will be fairly minor. I stay mastery because I like ranking and many ranks are made by having outrageous trinket procs which do slightly more for a mastery build, plus most fights favor mastery over haste. I also find the damage more consistent from pull to pull, which can be important during progression on some bosses (there are still outliers, but they happen less often). Haste will result in a noticeably faster rotation though, which many people like.
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    I wan't meaning DR within the Mastery stat itself as much as just overall DPS. I should have been more clear in my question.

    Thanks for the insight and help. Much appreciated.

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    For anyone else wondering about this, see Assassination: the Nitty Gritty, or Squirl's answer in this thread, or search "haste mastery assassination."

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