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    What I missed in MoP before coming back

    I came back to WoW this year about 2 weeks before 5.2 released. In my haste to level to cap and begin "catching up" I skipped through most content and quests(in fact Jade Forest is the only zone I finished).
    When im bored at work i spend most of my downtime browsing these forums and see reference to "things" that happened at the start of the Expansion. I really want to see / expierence them so my question is what should i be looking for? I have spoiled it some by readin the forums and just chatting in game. But i want to know if there is a place i can at least watch or read up on all the interesting Storylines this Xpac. eg Theramore-Anduin-Varion-Garrosh-etc..

    Any help would be most appreciated

    I havent even watched the opening Cenematic for MoP(I should probably do that)

    Basically what quest lines / scenarios / etc do i need to do to get caught up with the lore?
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    do dread wastes for the paragon storyline involving the klaxxi.
    do the golden lotus dailies while you can, fun stuff and exciting fun finish.
    REALLY do the krasarang dailies for your faction so you realize what an ass garrosh is and how Jaina loses her shit.
    do the following scenarios: dagger in the dark, a little patience, blood in the snow, dark heart of pandaria, the secrets of ragefire. really give some deep lore on the factions and what wrynn and garrosh are doing.
    do the battlefield barrens intro quests for the buildup for the siege of orgrimmar and to learn about the final sha.
    the opening cinematic isn't that important in the grand scheme, it's just a human and an orc fighting and a pandaren who kicks their asses.

    there's also much lore about pandaria and the inhabitants in the lorewalker scrolls you can find around pandaria, and in the regular quests. Lorewalker Cho is an amazing addition to the story, giving exposition about the races to those who are interested, without forcing it onto those who aren't.

    I know that it's a lot of dailies and you have a lot of catching up to do. especially golden lotus and klaxxi are grueling without a commendation. if you really don't want to do 3 sets of dailies every day, do golden lotus first, because they will be gone soon. then do krasarang, because they are by far the most enjoyable. it's 6 dailies per day and you get special quests every 2-3 days.

    you get black prince rep as well from all these dailies. the black prince, aka wrathion, is the last remaining black dragon, but he's uncorrupted and wants to prove he's not like his father. he wishes to prepare azeroth for what appears to be a burning legion invasion (the 3rd one in history), but how he is doing that remains to be seen...
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    Pretty much what Temperance says. Would also suggest doing the Isle of Thunder solo scenarios, they are acctually pretty cool imo. Get started on the legendary questline aswell, where you essentially have to raid (you can do it on all difficulties).

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