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    Seems like everyone has forgot about Dark Animus, Devotion Aura was the best raidcd in the entire game to survive the Interrupting Jolt. You can't use barrier since everyone is so spread out. And let me remind you that the majority off the fights in SoO is spread encounters where you can't use Barrier as effective as Devotion Aura.

    On farm where you have enough HP to survive certain abilities without a damage reduction CD then it's obvious that raidhealing CDs will do more. But on progress where you actually need to reduce damage else you're dead then Devotion Aura is actually insane, I remember us progressing on Dark Animus and we regreted that we didn't have any ret pala.
    We did but we didn't use him because their damage was dog. We also didn't use more dps warriors for raid cd because their dmg was dog.

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    On Devo Aura: Malkorok's another double whammy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aladya View Post
    We did but we didn't use him because their damage was dog. We also didn't use more dps warriors for raid cd because their dmg was dog.
    No, we didn't use him because he was a far inferior player.
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    Just as a reply to your previous post tibbee, you are correct overall HR does have a high overheal %, but when you are actually stacked (which is where its supposed to shine) with the damage being thrown out that % does decrease into the 50% region. That is from your own logs btw, the earliest kill that I could find myself that hadn't expired had a 46% overheal in the final part. But this has gone off topic a tad too far so it's probably time to take it into private mails ^^.
    You are actually stacked for the entirety of Ra-Den and the raid is actually taking a fairly decent amount of damage (400-500k damage taken per second in P1 of Ra-Den). Shaman should be shining in P1 of that fight - it's moderate to high damage with the raid stacked in a pile, but are not because of absorbs, other classes having higher burst, etc. There is not a fight this entire tier where HR overheal was below 75% on progression. That means that those LFR logs that show Shaman dominating with 50% HR overheal are skewed, because that overheal will be closer to 75% in a competent raid on 25H progression (let alone farm). When the overheal goes from 50% to 75%, the healing done by HR actually drops by more than half, because not only is it less total healing, the targets will be at a higher HP%, so our mastery gains are reduced too.

    TLDR, it is 100% predictable that the amount that Healing Rain heals for on those PTR LFR logs people are getting bent out of shape over will actually be about 40% of that amount in actual 25H progression.

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    On Devo Aura: Malkorok's another double whammy.
    So, what you probably need is Devo Aura buffed to 40% and changed to affect all damage. PW: Barrier would probably have to be buffed to 60% to compensate for the fact that it has a small radius.

    If they did that, the DR cooldowns would be close to mathematically on par with the average amount the Tranq like cooldowns heal for, and you could correctly compare throughput across classes by just removing the healing done by Tranq, DH, HTT and Revival.

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    This is not what we wanted to see.

    There have been multiple warnings given in thread about derailing the thread by hidden agendas and posting about classes that aren't holy paladins. We love the discussions that have been going on here. Unfortunately, some folks have chosen to ignore those warnings repeatedly, and the last few pages have been filled with nothing but bickering.

    Regretfully, quite a few infractions have been handed out. A new thread has been created here. Please remember to report posts that are off-topic, and do not engage in off-topic back and forths. Trust the mod team to clean up those posts quickly so that healthy, useful discussion can continue.
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