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    If it wasn't fake, the title wouldn't even make sense O_o

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    relating to this, tho, shouldn't we be seeing the trademark for the next expansion coming soon?

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    Rise of the Legion? They already did long ago.

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    If you didn't see the damned thread onthe MMO-Champion forums a few months ago, you would know that this is a "FAN" concept.

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    ROFL. Ro9ue has accidentally trolled the entire internet.

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    That, came from MMO-Champion itself. Wow, I'm a little surprised that it has went this far.

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    haha its fake but it is still a cool piece of work ro9ue did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uvwaex View Post
    LOL? wheres the guy that made this? I know hes around here, hope he sees it
    <.< >.> *runs away*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    <.< >.> *runs away*
    You... What have you done!?

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