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    MW Monk/Prot Warrior/Boomkin LF a home

    We are currently on US-Firetree Horde (sorry this is my first post and mmo champ won't let me post links to armory)

    529 MW Monk <Chapley>
    527 Prot Warrior <Hiltock>
    525 Boomkin <Legölos>

    We are looking for a new home in a progression oriented guild to finish off this xpac strong. Our group slowly fell apart before we could really get anything started, but we still managed to kill a few heroics each tier. We would like to find a stable environment in which we can steadily advance through current heroic content and have a lot of fun in the process.

    We all three have extensive heroic experience and have been raiding together since the start of cataclysm. We understand our classes and are very skilled respectively. We will do everything we can to help the guild and push that current boss over.

    Our current raid time availability is:
    Tuesday - 5:30-12:30 central (6:30-1:30 eastern)
    Wednesday - 5:30-12:30 central (6:30-1:30 eastern)
    Thursday - 7:30-12:30 central (8:30-1:30 eastern)
    Sunday - 7:30-12:30 central (8:30-1:30 eastern)

    If you have any interest in 3 dedicated and talented players, please let me know! We are currently on US-Firetree Horde but are willing to server and faction change for the right guild!

    You can contact me at Chaplin#1585
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    Hey Guys,

    Our Guild is Death By Design were 10 man on Kul Tiras

    Raid Times: Tuesday
    7:30-10:30 server(8:30 to 11:30 EST). At least 75% attendance is expected.

    Death By Design is a small, focused 10 man raiding guild striving for end game content. Our player base consists of veteran Vanilla players to Cataclysm start ups, but most of us have played together for going on five years.

    While we're out to have fun, we are looking for highly motivated, committed, and skilled players. We expect everyone to come prepared to raids and be on top of your game.

    We are currently only 2/13 heroic due to Roster/Attendance problems

    If your interested Please contact myself/realid DReaper#1851 , xig on Kul Tiras


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    Hi Chapley! Pendulum (10m) on Sargeras [A] is currently 7/13H and recruiting. We are looking to add a few members to strengthen our roster and could potentially accommodate your crew. We raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays 9:00p - 12:30a (EST). Please add sillensa#1820- I'd love to chat more.

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    Hey, going to be checking this thread often, however the best way to contact us is through either RealID, our website, or the simplistic tell system thanks .

    We're Game Over on Proudmoore, we recently transferred due to our server dieing and having a horrible population ratio. We moved to a PST/PVE/VERY high pop server onto which we've been thriving and growing larger as well as finding wonderful talent on our new home. We've been around since late wotlk, and have earned nearly every alliance first since our creation. We've cleared all content since our creation as well as countless alliance firsts in every aspect along the way. We've never cancelled raids nor ran shorthanded in our existance, we have a long tradition of close friendships within guild as well as a low-turnover rate among new members as we're very selective of new membership. We're a 25 man heroic raiding team with multiple alt/progression ten man teams within guild. 1/13H 25m Current progression. We pride ourselves on having a good community within guild, as well as a very large, and active playerbase. We dont have clicks, sects, or groups of people who dislike one another and squabble. Also for videos on us checkout GameOverEredarUS @ youtube. We also live stream all raids.

    We're are a Pve guild, but we also host Guild Rbg's a few times a week, We're also big on arenas and preform bg's. We're Dkp based of which is wiped every new content as well as hosted on We also run all previous content raids guild only throughout the week, we're big on achievements as well as transmorg here. We also have every kill listed on youtube as well with full video. We run guild only challenge modes daily, have all golds now long completed. We run nearly all content with guildies only, we like the fact we have a very tightknit feel and close community despite being large.

    We raid Tue/Thur/Sun 8-11:30/12 EST

    We're recruiting for core and bench spots in every team which run multiple varied days/times, the best way of contact is through real id however a forum app works well also. Looking forward to hearing from you


    Nudist ( GM/Recruitment ) [email protected]

    Ipsii ( Officer ) [email protected]

    TLDR; Version 1/13H, Current content numerous pulls on different heroic encounters with various success, 25 man core team, multiple alt ten man teams
    ( Previously deep into heroics for 5.0 content )
    We cover transfer/faction for anyone exceptional that qualifies.
    Raid times Tue/Thur/Sun 8:00-12:00EST
    Recruiting for core
    Best way of contact is directly ingame through real ID or whisper.

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    still looking for a guild

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    I sent you in-game mail Sillensa, hope to hear from you soon.

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    Just added you to battle net! Would love to chat, as I could use ALL 3 of you

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    thanks for getting ahold of me girlTheory

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    Still looking for the right guild

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    Howdy, we're currently recruiting strong Healers and DPS for our 10 man progression core!

    <Subtle Insanity> US-Stormreaver Horde
    Progression: 7/13HM Throne of Thunder
    Raid Times: Tues, Weds, Thurs & Sun 8:30-11:30pm CST
    Full Thread:

    You can contact me via Battle Tag: Ziemia#1835
    Hope to hear from you!

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    Good evening,

    To make a long story short, we are a 2/13HM guild (although easily 5-7HM if we had consistent raiders). Last tier we were 6/6HM MSV, 5/6HM HoF..reg 4/4 ToES. We raid T/W/TH 9:15pm to 12:15am EST. We utilize mumble and EPGP for loot. We are on Alleria (CST server), low-med population, 3:1 Alliance. All three of you would get immediate starts.

    Overall I would say we are a pretty relaxed, no drama guild, which tries to emphasize a fun playing atmosphere while downing bosses.

    My battle tag is robo#1315 if you wished to discuss. I already sent you a friend request.

    Thanks for your time,


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    Our available times are changing a bit. I edited the main post to reflect these changes.

    Tuesday - 5:30-12:30 central (6:30-1:30 eastern)
    Wednesday - 5:30-12:30 central (6:30-1:30 eastern)
    Thursday - 7:30-12:30 central (8:30-1:30 eastern)
    Sunday - 7:30-12:30 central (8:30-1:30 eastern)

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    Hello Chapley et Friends!

    I hope you are doing well, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this message. I represent an organization that is currently 3/13 heroic. We are seeking progression driven players for our 25m raid team. Our 3 day 12 hour raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-10pm MST. To be clear, we keep our raid spots competitive, and you would be considered (performance based) for our core raid. I’d like to also mention that we are specifically looking for another MW Monk, Tank, and Boomkin at the moment.

    Here is a further breakdown of those times for your convenience:
    EST: 8pm-12m
    CST: 7p-11p
    MST: 6p-10p
    PST: 5p-9p

    We are only considering players that have completed 12/12 normal, I've already looked at your armory and you meet this requirement. In addition we are looking for players that currently have an average item-level of 510 or better. It seems that you meet that as well. If you were to apply ( or speak with an officer in the next 24-48 hours and everything checked out we'd be able to offer you a core raid spot starting 7/2.

    My contact details are the following:
    In-Game: Delacour#1483
    Skype: SGDelacour
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    If you are unable to get ahold of me within 24 hours, my administrative staff can be contacted using the following means.
    In-Game: Ilikaz (Ilikaz#1564), Serrias (Siriusa#1503)
    "Hey, that feature you wanted... I finished it, just don't ask me how it works."

    [email protected]
    World of Warcraft | StarCraft II | League of Legends | DotA2 | Star Wars: The Old Republic

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