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    [Spoilers] 5.4 World Bosses

    Spoilers tag, because it seems to be something very new to me and not heard anything about it. Anyways, friend linked me this video, then I confirmed it on PTR. Also may be related to the Timeless Isle, but idk.



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    They're testing us, not fighting us. Even says in the dungeon journal, which she shows, "trial"
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    Hell yes, we are going to finaly kill false gods.
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    This is pretty much shown in the Timeless Isle thread, which actually shows the bosses on the isle instead of a ghost :3
    As far as I can tell from the far sights I did, they are hostile bosses, although all very close together. If anything Ordos (Ordosforwarchief) will be the only true world boss added, and even then nobody knows as you can't "actually" get to the Timeless Isle.
    These show and elaborate a bit on the Isle, although I suggest going to the thread instead,



    -Edit- also there is barely a spoiler in talking about the world bosses as they were datamined last week ;]

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