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    New to balance druid

    Our RL request to spec into any dps spec. For me it comes with balance druid. I read about spell rotation and cd, but anyway my dps is low like #@%. Maybe someone can list main keystones which i should followe to increase dps as balance druid ?

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    There's a very good guide on the forum board here at mmo-champion, icy-veins or elitist jerks for tips on rotation etc which I suggest you look over if you want a better idea on how to play your moonkin.

    MMO-Champion Guide: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...de-5-3-Edition
    Icy-Veins Guide: http://www.icy-veins.com/balance-dru...-pve-dps-guide
    Elitist Jerks: http://elitistjerks.com/f73/t130885-...n_5_3_updates/

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    As Marbos (hai!) listed, reading the guides first is your biggest quick-stop to getting a grip on things. I suggest focusing on the MMO-Champion one just out of it being the best mix of up to date and easy to read and comprehend.

    Balance Druids are fairly unforgiving if you mess up, especially when your gear is not of the super-standard. We are both well geared NOW, me and Marbos, but I think we both remember how low our DPS was when the gear was bad, compared to other DPS classes. Balance druids are very reliant on a specific haste cap or two, plus maximizing the leftover stats.

    Now, here's my 3 step guide to getting better at boomkins. This is far from the ONLY way to do it, but it's the way most people do it when learning a new class.
    1: Read, think, read some more. Then more you research and learn about your class, the better suited you will be to think automatically, and not have to stop thinking. Reacting immediately to something that changes during the fight is essential for not only your personal DPS, but can save a tank, help a healer, etc. As druids we have tons of utility in the form of soft and hard ranged CC, heals, ability to tank an add for some periods of time (with HotW.)

    2: Practice. Now this is going to take time, and effort. The gear is going to come with time, but if you practice using your spells, learning tricks, you will be able to use the new gear far better, and feel good when things go your way. This involves the basic rotation on a target dummy, doing damage in a random HC, up to practicing bosses in LFR. Try out different things, research a little, watch videos. This is the only way to maximize your DPS, if you plan ahead. For example on Horridon HC you will get a little dinosaur that follows you, and will oneshot you if it reaches you, but will be knocked back by any application of a DoT, or direct spell. Speccing into Force of Nature and sending one of your treants on it when starfall does not knock it back will give you time to focus on the boss and ads, making your effective DPS higher.

    3: My last tip is the most "obvious" one, and that is gear. There is a LOT of DPS to pick up by trying to get as close to the best in slot pieces for the tier you're using, and now also upgrading those pieces in a "natural" order. What I mean by this is that upgrading your ring might not be worthwhile, when you haven't touched your weapon or trinkets yet, and so forth. Running LFR is a great way to achieve tierpieces, trinkets, and general upgrades. Do not worry about the absolute BiS lists, but keep them in mind in your head, using one ring over another can achieve some result.

    Hope I didn't scare you with the wall of text. I am at work and thus have loads of spare time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyriama View Post
    Balance Druids are fairly unforgiving if you mess up, especially when your gear is not of the super-standard.
    As a new-comer to druid, and someone who loves learning how to play new classes. I find this statement to be SO VERY true. Boomkin for me has always been one of those classes that you can feel like your playing 100% correctly, and because your messing up 1 little thing, can cause your DPS to plummit to the ground.

    I have also noticed, that through gearing, you go through plateaus quite often. so as you start getting gear, your plateaued at a really low dps level, until you get a certain "magic" set of stats, and then your dps goes up, and plateaus again until you reach another point. so for me it was hard to determine if what I was doing was correct or not. I still to this day am slightly confused with AOE, and find myself sometimes multi-dotting/ss procs, sometimes running in and using shrooms, and other times just spamming Hurricaine. and even other times, dotting with the eclipsed dot, and spamming hurricane in between. Its definitely a fun class to play!

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    Don't try to master it all at once. Start with getting a feel for eclipse, then try to optimizing when to redot, then add in your cooldowns one at a time. Since so much depends on timing, it's really important to have a good feel for how long things last.
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    Long as you put your best into it, you'll be amazed at what you can do.

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